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W2R1 done!! And a little bit extra !

Firstly, thanks to those who replied on my blog yesterday. I got home, made dinner and zonked out, I was so tired !

So, today I felt rested, made sure I drank lots of water throughout the day, had a carb based lunch and began counting the minutes down til I left work for the gym. I can't say that I was looking forward to the first run of Wk2 and I hadn't listened to the podcast until I was walking to the gym today. Ok, I thought, 90 second runs should be manageable ...

So, I set the treadmill up to accommodate the time needed to complete the podcast, pressed GO and... Nothing ! The treadmill computer must have frozen up and wouldn't start. Jumped on the next one, did my 5 minutes brisk walk as warm up and started the first 90 second run...... Then the podcast froze..! I continued to run for the 90 seconds but as the podcast hadnt restarted, I had to stop.

Now, at this point, I could have quite happily given up but I persevered, reset the treadmill and started again on the first run; by now, the podcast had buffered and was fine. ( note to self: download podcast and check it prior to the first run of each week)

Everything after that went OK, I didn't find it easy and had to slow my pace in both my jogging and walking pace but I finished and, as always, it felt great to achieve it.

I did feel a bit flat footed on my walks and looking at my reflection in the window is not pleasant; my weaker leg looks wonky and I will never be an elegant jogger but I'm managing to do it bit by bit and now I am home, sat with a nice glass of red to celebrate getting through the latest milestone :)

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get you!!! well done alliecat71.

enjoy your nice glass of wine - you deserve it!

hope the next run goes more smoothly :-) ali


Thank you Ali x


Wonderfully done, Ali!! I was wondering what the bit extra meant in your title and now I know!! A bit extra it was, indeed!! Well done!! :-)

Now, onto how we look when we walk and run!! If it was a prerequisite to look good while doing this, I would have been eliminated in W1R1!! A 43 year old, out-of-shape, balding guy with a beer belly has ZERO chance of looking good or elegant while running!! I dare say, most on here would far prefer seeing you run, than seeing me gasping, wheezing and praying for the end of 5K as I run!! :-)

I do have a question, though. Please forgive my ignorance, but I am from America and my wife (gdeann) and I are still trying to learn many of your words and expressions. What does "wonky" mean?

Now, enjoy your glass of red as well as your wonderful success!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your words of encouragement and yes, I did enjoy my glass of Merlot with my pasta dinner last night :)

As for "WONKY", it kind of means a bit twisted, not quite straight, which explains my leg perfectly (bad break and pins a few years ago). So when I run, I look like a "wonky donkey" :)

I see these other women (well, girls) running along so effortlessly, legs in full swing and I think "fat chance that will ever be me", but hey, I'm happy in the fact that 2 weeks ago, I couldn't even imagine running / jogging and now I'm doing it, albeit slowly.

Yesterdays run / walk was 2 miles in total and I will build upon that and the advice and encoragement that we all get on here is priceless. It's the best web community I have ever used !



Thank you so very much for the lesson, Allie!! I should be keeping a list of all of the new terms that I am learning!! I am sorry to hear about the bad break and pins, but you are running now and that is marvelous!! :-)

I completely understand about those young kids effortlessly gliding by!! Oh, the privileges of youth!! Unlike myself, they don't even gasp or wheeze!!! How rude of them to be so fit and able!!! :-)

You are doing wonderfully!!

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



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