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W2R1 done - pain in hip

Just done my W2R1 Yay!. That extra 30 seconds was a bit hard at times but I only stopped and walked twice a bit earlier than I should have. Very pleased with myself😁

I'm getting pain in my right hip during the day( not whilst running) I'm ok if I'm walking around and mobile, but if I stop, sit down and relax, when I get back up again it hurts a bit, just niggly really. Could it be the way I'm running, or my shoes (just normal trainers for now), or just my 46 year old hips complaining of doing exercise😉?

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Look, you ARE going to complete this thing arn't you? Because you know 'your worth it!'. The benefits are amazing, believe me. So unless you are very broke right now, why not treat yourself to a decent pair of shoes, starting with getting your gait analysed at a good sports shoe shop. When I changed over from ordinary trainers to new shoes, I flew.... Now I am going to assume you are female, so bear with me if you are not. In my experience, women can be very bad at buying things that are just for them, that they think they can't justify. Men on the other hand (don't all shout at me at once) are good at acquiring 'hobby based' gadgets, most have cupboards full of them used once and never picked up again. Running (and you ARE going to be a runner, don't doubt it) is or at less can be a cheap sport, but you do need the basics to stop yourself getting hurt. That means shoes. My first pair were £25 from sportsdirect, but I wish now I had shopped around a bit first. Have you done the 'wet feet' test? Step on a bit of paper when you get out the shower next. Can you see a normal looking footprint with a gap around the insole, but it doesn't go all the way across? Or it is a flat outline of all the foot? That will tell you something about the shoes you need. There is better info if you do a google search. Anyway the most important thing is you have started. I hurt all over for the first two weeks, but then it got better! I started in March, thought I would die the first week, I am 59, five stone over weight and now run 2 miles three times a week. And I love it.


Thanks for the reply, I agree with us women ( especially mums!) not wanting to spend loads of money on ourselves !I"all definitely look into new shoes, getting my hair analysed & the footprint test!


Is it hip or groin pain?

I get something very similar but it's in my groin. It niggles after runs and the next day when I have been sitting (I spend a lot of time behind the wheel each day with work).

I have found stretching particularly after runs has helped no end.

I found this article very helpful and I do one of the recommended stretches regularly which seems to have helped.

It is worth investing in a good pair of proper running shoes as you will be amazed at how comfortable they can be so its worth getting a nice pair regardless of whether that's the reason for your pain.

Or it may be imbalance with your muscles or gait that's being highlighted now you're running.

Or it could just be your old hips protesting until they get accustomed to the extra excercise 😀

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Thank you, it"s hip pain although it has been better this week so maybe it was just my body getting used to exercise plus I've done more stretching


Well done! do some stretching for that area, it should go away eventually, you'll get little niggles as you start running. My wife on w8 is wearing a pair of £12.99 Lidl's trainers and had no problems, but people are different, take it slow & steady..

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