W9R1 - Winter is coming

I could dress this up by claiming that I'm more of a visionary than I am a completer/finisher. I could claim that work has engulfed me and that time has been so short, I could even talk about stress but being my age I know the truth.

I'm a lazy bastard sometimes.

I'd intended to go on Friday, but I was still aching slightly, so I'd go Saturday. But Saturday I was so enjoying the wine we were drinking on Friday evening that I didn't get up on Saturday. Sunday morning rolled around and I kept the duvet up tight around me, it seems winter has appeared from nowhere.

Finally I just couldn't cope with the embarrassment. So I got the gear on and started my run. I decided I start with a very long track to take me half way through and the progressive rock bands of the 70s and 80s had plenty to choose from. Pink Floyd's - Dogs was my particular choice at an epic 17 mins.

The run was ok, it hurt but that was because I went too fast on the first kilometre. When Mrs Mondo told me what my first km was I slowed down and Tom Waites Singing about Tom Traubert's Blues slowed me down even further. I had not far to go when Katrina and the waves sang to me about walking on Sunshine, not sure about that, nearer to hobbling on pebbles but she didn't go on for long and the last two minutes were beautifully filled by Little Martha courtesy of the very nice Allman Brothers.

It hurt but it's ok, two more left now and we'll see if I can keep a better schedule this week.


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24 Replies

  • Well done Chewy. Only two more to go and you're there! Sounds like you had a good run so keep it up!

  • It was a good run, when I finally stopped it hurt but when that subsided I felt great.

  • Well done chewy on leaving the duvet behind and facing the cold! This weekend has given all us novice runners a taste of what winter running is all about that's for sure....

    Just 2 more to go - good luck!

  • I can see that tights are going to be the way I will have to go, but it just doesn't sound right to me.

  • Who was it that said: Wear the tights, they're your destiny! Still funny... :-) Good on yer for going and nearly there now! I run to the Allman Brothers too.

  • Good on you Chewy! You're almost there good luck delia

  • I think being so close is what is making me slightly lazy, I know I can do it, I just have to get out there and stop making excuses.

  • chewy!! you're very nearly there, dont give up and get back on the couch!

    i suppose it easier said than done, the "nicer" things in life do get in the way sometimes dont they. But ... you got out there, proved that you can, and you're nearly to graduation.

    wow!! come on, show us newbies how its done!!

    dont stop now!! (there's a song in that nearly..!)


  • Hi Auntie, I shan't stop, I will get there, I want to get there but I've been slightly indulgent this week. Next week will be better, fear not :)

  • Come on Chewy you can do this you are so close to the end, don't let the couch win. Well done for going out and some good music choices, we are all waiting to cheer you when you graduate only 2 runs left. Good Luck

  • Indeed Rolphie, I am so close and as I mentioned to Delia in a way that encourages the laziness. I know I can run two more 30 minute runs, I just need to do it.

  • Keep going Chewy we've both only got 2 more to do - I'm more of an 80's kind of gal and I really must take Purple Rain off my playlist, I love the song but it isn't really the right tempo to keep you going when you hit that mid-run slump :o)

  • The guitar solo in Purple Rain is simply wonderful. The artist formally know as "The pretentious little pr*ck" is a truly talented musician. I'm going to include that in my next play list.

  • What a lovely gift you have of humour & honesty, I have taken to reading your blogs out loud to my husband & we both have a chuckle. The winter has arrived no doubt & it will take extra will power for many of us, but if we stick at it we'll keep our hard won fitness. All the best Chewy, keep running & blogging. :-)

  • That is such a compliment, I'm genuinely moved by that comment, thank you. I'm not giving up I promise you, I'm just having to fight myself to avoid the laziness. I can do it and I know it which is why I'm being slightly apathetic. Next week will be better :)

  • Go for it Chewy. Leave the duvet behind and keep running. Two mire to then you can do like me and figure out what to do next. Good luck.

  • Thanks Janda. I've been watching your progress beyond graduation and I'm looking forward to starting to improve my speed, you're incredibly quick in comparison to my speed.

  • Come on Chewy, your blogs have kept me going for so long, please don't give up now. Give that duvet the old heavy-ho :p

  • Thanks Eshaz, I shan't give up, that's a promise. Truth be told I like to write so if nothing else I need to run so that I can blog on here.

  • Only 2 more runs chewey! :-) Can you believe it??? :-) It has been an absolute pleasure sharing this journey with you!!! PLEASE continue on after Graduation, it will be difficult but please continue with new goals, etc. whatever it takes for you to stay motivated. I'm chilling the wine and ordering the party hats!!! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle, I'll keep on running, I have to, I'm not going through all of this again so the alternative is that I keep on keeping on - Now that sounds like another track for my graduation list ;-)

  • You'll be fine, Chewy! I know you can and will do it. Strangely in W9 I suddenly felt in no hurry to finish C25k! You work towards it for weeks and by W9 there's no doubt you will graduate so why rush it? I'm succumbing to the lure of the duvet today, full of cold to add o my shin splint woes so I'm not even going to feel guilty....

    Meanwhile, we will be looking out for your graduation blog!!

  • Well done Chewy for getting out from underneath your duvet. I graduated yesterday and I know what you and Soozz are saying, W8 and W9 took me 3 weeks to do, I just seemed to know I can do it and the more I had a few days between runs and could still do it, the more I left it (I do work shifts and find it hard to get in to routine but that's just an excuse !!)

    Good luck for your remaining two runs, I'll be looking out for for your green shiny badge !

  • This wk9 does seem to take an age, I should have finished a week ago but jet lag, sore hips, a huge pizza and too much merlot and now man flu have gotten in my way, but I am going to do the last run this week if it kills me.

    And get those tights on, once you've built the courage to wear lycra in the park you wont dare be seen to fail a run. Those first few silent encounters with your neighbours in hats, gloves, body warmers and winter boots and you in your lyra and head band can be a little awkward, but go for it. I even use flight socks and compression shorts under my tights these cold days and they do make the leg recovery time shorter.

    And shame on m,, but I sometimes run to STEPS and ABBA - my partner has asked that I carry no ID when I run in case I collapse and there is a risk I'd be brought home by the police. He says it would simply be too embarrassing.

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