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Was worried about bottling my very last week so having just read the posts on Japanese slow running and watched clip of that professor running slowly I decided to do first half of today's run like that. Was much less tiring but my shins hurt! I was trying to run on the ball of my foot and not land on the heel. After the bell I ran as per my normal way to the end. I even managed a short energetic sprint when I saw a walking group of about 20 people come round a corner and was a bit embarrassed to be seen slogging it!!! Felt less tired and sweaty at the end but also less "worked" so my question is, is it a good idea to do this half and half method or is Japanese running " cheating" the program/ myself in some way? I'm keeping in mind my fellow travellers who are just a run or two ahead of me and really do think I could graduate on Monday 2/12 . ( The bottling it fear was a bit irrational, I do get that). Many many continuing thanks to all the total steangers who have encouraged me on this site. x

10 Replies
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Definitely not cheating. If you're propelling yourself in a forward motion with both feet off the ground, you are running. It has nothing to do with speed!

In fact, I wouldn't worry about speed at all until after you've graduated. Someone here said something about getting 'miles in your legs' first, and Japanese running is the best way to do that without injury.

Good luck 👍

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Renee66Graduate in reply to Speedy60

Thank you. I'm glad to gave your advice.

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Slow is the way to go. Slow, slow, slower 💪🙂👍. Absolutely no need to push. Slow running and rest days build legs.

Go slowly and you’ll complete the task. The time to speed things up is when you have put sufficient miles on your running legs

I had a delicious slow run this morning. It was gorgeous 🙂

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Renee66Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you. That sounds ..sound!😀

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We are always told run slow and if you can find that pace that works for you that's great. Well done you 🤗🤗

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Renee66Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Glad others have the experience to advise-thanks!

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I graduated in October & still enjoy slow running & I haven’t had any injuries. I always start my run extra slow & then pace up in the middle & sprint towards the end if I have anything left in the tank 🤣

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Renee66Graduate in reply to Annieapple

That sounds very like what suits me too. Thank you

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You run in your own way... way that is comfortable for you.

Slow and steady is simply the only way to go...Running methods may work for some folk but not others, and to try to force a way of running that is not right for you can be detrimental.

misswobble is absolutely right... it is the lovely slow runs that build every single thing up... stamina, strength and eventually speed and distance.

Relax and enjoy and do it your way.

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Very reassuring. Thanks.

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