Winter is Coming :)

Ok bit dramatic and maybe premature - have first park run tomorrow as graduation from C25K and actually haven't run the whole way yet so by Winter I may well be snuggled back on the couch! BUT thinking positively, how do we do the winter girls and boys? Worst weather I've run in has been wind and drizzle... not sure I'm cool with adding cold and dark to that little mix. Any suggestions??


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  • Warm full length running tights, hats, ear muffs or buffs, gloves, quality head torch if dark! I have just completed my first full year of running and it has been an experience. I didn't find winter any worse than summer once I had the clothing sorted (cold thighs was an issue, but I got some thermal compression ski undergarments from Aldi for the sub zero days). The only big problem was ice, and you can't do much about that except run in the daytime and be careful.

    You've got a whole lot of summer heat to deal with first, and that is much harder!

  • I LOVE Winter running EXEPT for the will need headtorch, layers, gloves ( if you live somewhere cold), I put warm water in my Camelbak for long runs and you don't get so sweaty...its all good :)

  • Love the winter, no sweat is a bonus!!

    I have an old aircrew thermal shirt (a number liberated during my Navy days), running leggings/tights, running gloves and my Everton wooly hat.

    No need for head torch, we have street lights in civilised Cambridgeshire :)

  • Winter running is fun. You need layers, gloves and a beanie hat (or similar). Depending on where you run you will find a headlight useful or a total distraction. If I let my eyes acclimatise, I can see well enough by moonlight most of the time. You may need to alter your routes, particularly if there's ice around. I have one route i can only do one way round cos the kids turn the path into an ice slide. I can go down it (using it as intended - as a slide...), but can't get back up again and have to make a diversion to get back home again. Last winter, the weather only stopped me running once. On that occasion the fresh snow was just too deep to run through. I had to wait until the following day until someone had trampled it down a bit.

  • Crikey you lot are all really die hard! Hmm ok like the idea of not sweating to be fair and really don't want to go back to square one because I just wont go through it again. I live in the lovely depths of the Cotswolds so not a streetlight in sight which is lovely...but! Thanks for the advice :)

  • ran through the winter , running tights, lightweight jacket, hat and running gloves :D and a head torch if running in un lite area's :) luckily didn't experience any snow although quite a few did ..

  • Started on Jan 4th so I'm still adjusting to sunny running!! Get the gear sorted as above and you will enjoy it. The only thing I refuse to run in is snow (obvs!), big wind (it can make you standstill!!) and that's it. BTW I thought your post was a reference to Game of Thrones there for a minute!!! :) :) winter is coming, thousands of women and children will die......oh no?! Just runners thinking ahead :) phew!

  • Lol me too. I got slightly overexcited!!

  • Me too! Huge fan, slightly obsessed with Jon Snow 😁

  • A lot of it is filmed in Northern Ireland where my parents live and one of my dreams is to run along the "Dark Hedges" road which has been featured in the series. Maybe next visit.....

  • Wow that's amazing you gotta do that :)

  • I'm there in July so I'll make every effort to do it then!

  • Yeahh he's my favorite too. I read the books and thought coldhands would have made a great character for the show!!

  • I love running in the winter as I hate the heat. As well as the usual stuff, gloves and a hat or band covering my ears are essential for me. I bought thermal tights and jacket last winter and they were fabulous and kept me warm but not too hot.

  • I love the winter!!! I can't wait!!!!! It's the heat that kills me!!!

  • Hi all yes I am a little bit Game of Thrones obsessed though not seen the tv stuff just read the books. Would quite like it to get to some sort of conclusion though now! Anyway back to running! :) I did my 5k on Saturday and although I was VVVVV slow (40 mins!) I only walked for about a minute in the middle so I definitely want to keep this up in the winter and I can get what you mean about heat, especially humidity it kills me so maybe it'll be the making of the faster runner in me!!??

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