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W1R3 done, in thick snow!!

W1R3 done, in thick snow!!

Week 1 completed, and nothing is going to stop me now. Not even thick snow and a biting, bone chilling wind. I am lucky to have some stunning countryside to run in, and the views this morning were incredible.

One good thing about coming in from running in the arctic weather, is that it makes those horrid diet hot chocolate drinks taste fab!

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That's the spirit! If you can do it in the cold and snow - think how easy it's going to be when the weather warms up.

It's lovely that you could enjoy the views and appreciate the countryside.


I cant believe you ran in the snow, thats amazing! Very well done and enjoy the rest of your weekend with a nice sense of pride surrounding you to keep you warm!! Sx


Very well done you rfawag! and to be running in such lovely surroundings must really help.

you deserve the hot chocolate - id have snuck a few marshmallows on top for celebratory reasons..

Here's hoping your second week goes just as smoothly as this one. The hardest part is over surely - you got out there and started.

Just about to head out on my last run of week one.....gulp!

Keep running and posting



Well done getting out there in the snow.


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