W1R3 done!

so that it - first week done - and I'm still enjoying it and I'm excited for next week!

I've decided to just stick to mon wed and fri for the run days, and over the weekends i'll see what walking I can do just to keep up the momentum - will this be ok?

I'm looking for another bit of advice if thats ok? - its regarding the podcasts etc during the runs.

Ideally I feel I'd prefer to walk/run to my own music - so far I've only been using the official podcast and its the same music each time etc - what does everyone else do?

Any tips on how i can maybe listen to my iPod but be able to keep an eye on the timings for each walk/run etc?. I am using the treadmill each time so i can place the phone etc in front of me but theres no obvious 'start-stop' image that i can see?

Any ideas anyone?


Kaz x


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15 Replies

  • Your schedule sounds just fine. And great if you can fit in a walk or something else on the weekend.

    As for the music, it is terrible. But it comes with lovely encouragement, and it is only nine weeks. Of course, you can do it with a watch and your own tunes. I think I'd get frustrated and be staring at the clock though - it would be easier once you hit the solid blocks of running with no walks, rather than the early weeks where the pace changes frequently. Either way, up to you. Making a good playlist is a joy of running.

  • thanks -been checking out other posts - someone said they could use their own music and still have Laura cutting in with info when needed - this is what i fancied.

    but other people say defo stick with Laura and after graduation, when i've got the hang of 'actual running' then I can listen to personal tunes for longer blocks of running.

    cheers for the advice - onwards and upwards!

    Kaz x

  • I just did it as per and suffered the music. If you can put up with the music you Can cope with anything. It will make you a stoic runner 😁

    Stick with it as you need to meet the elusive Julie 😎

  • hahaha okey dokey - cheers x

  • Gotta love Laura. I'd stick with it if you can :)

  • will do - seems to be the general consensus of opinion - Laura it is!

    cheers x

  • You could use the app instead of the podcasts but as others have said suffering Laura's music (it does change) is almost a rite of passage for most of us.

  • I couldn't use my own music with the app, as soon as Sarah spoke, that stopped the music & it wouldn't restart😖. So I only discovered Laura & her dreadful music is week 7.

  • Is the old app, with Laura, still available? I have seen a few complaints about 'stability' with the new one.

  • Not as an app, but as podcasts.

  • Yep - seems so - haha -cheers x

  • Well done you!!

    You could use a stop watch? But as others have said if you listen to the app or Laura, you will get lots of useful tips & encouragement along the way. So maybe stick with it, at least once each week. (While the runs are the same - on the weeks they vary, you would have to listen to them all!)

    Have you got the "support" you need? 😉

  • haha yes thanks! - after trying six 'of the best' from online shopping - I've finally found one - but I've also taken other peoples advice and actually wear a bra of my own UNDER the sports bra - so - VERY well supported thanks! - cheers x

  • Well done you! I agree with most others, stick with Laura if you can. The music is set at specific beats per minute to help with the running and walking sections. Laura's encouragement really is helpful in the later weeks. If you can stick it out then I'd suggest it. You'll also get to meet Julie later in the programme. :)

  • cheers - yeah i'm gonna stick with Laura - and looking forward to meeting Julie too!



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