W1R1. Done at long last!!!!!!!!!

After what seems like a series of comedy sketch attempts to complete this I have finally done it tonight. Who knew you can be frightened of a treadmill!! I feel too vulnerable running on my own in the dark at night, so thought the treadmill would provide the solution!! I have not been able to just let go and run for fear of just " wobbling" off. But at long last I overcame the wobbling off sensation and completed run 1. On my way!!!!.....

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  • Well done! I must admit I'm a bit wary of treadmills so have pounded the pavements for my first weeks runs but, apart from the snow I have enjoyed it.

    Keep at it run-tmr, we'll get there!

  • Just read your blog, well done you too!! Hate the treadmill ! But until I can run in the day it will have to do!! Love snow, actually felt a tad jealous about your run!!!

  • Well done. Treadmills can be scary congratulations on sorting it out. Onwards and time/distancewards(!) now

  • Hello there and well done! Don't worry about the treadmill - you can master it. I started the programmeback in June and did most of my early runs outdoors, but towards the end (W7) I started on the treadmill and now use it for most of my runs. Some people enjoy running outdoors whatever the conditions (cold, wet, dark) and others (like me!) don't - no problem with that, everyone's different. The important thing is you've made a start - now stay with it, do what Laura says, and it does work.

  • Lovely support, thank you. Treadmill here I come

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