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5x50 Day 27

Day 27 feeling pretty good today.

I have lost no weight since starting the challenge but have lost a few inches here and there.

How is everyone else doing?

I see I have a little running man and a gold star on the Malcy Meter, does that mean I can get time off for good behaviour?

I hope this posts as the site is behaving very strangely for me this week.

Every time I try to post something I get a double post in my list of activity and none of those links take me back to any posts.

I am finding the site very frustrating ti use just now.

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Sorry George42, we are looking into the technical problems so don't get too frustrated!


So far so good George! I am not weighing myself or taking measurments until the end....not really bothered if there is no change but it would be nice! :)

Gold stars are nice arent they, just like school days! ;)



Probably sensisible, I can't resist checking every week.

My weight has been constant for so long I sometimes feel no matter how much effort I put in there is little reward.


I'm feeling pretty good today - now, after my run, although I felt a bit sluggish when running! I've been weighing myself once a week and my weight goes up and down (+/- 0.5-1.0 kg) like the proverbial yo-yo. I've not checked my measurements since starting; I'll leave that until the end of the 50 days.


Congratulations on the "few inches here and there"... :D

I checked my weight/measurements last week... C25K graduation. Pleasantly surprised. Won't be checking them again until the end of 5x50.

Boo hoo... haven't got a gold star and won't ever get one... posted results a day late on the 5x50 site (16th April) as well as missing a day's exercise (12th April), taking me way below Malcy's 99% threshold. No way I can make up for that now. Grrr! Still, there's always the next challenge... 8-)


The MalcyMeter is unforgiving - and so I will soon be publicly stripped of my gold star and posted in the hall of shame. Having not missed a day so far I am going to miss at least 4 in a row (probably 5 as I'll be in no condition to run on Wednesday having driven through the night), so will probably be awarded the 'good try but no cigar' icon instead... ;)


I miss out on a gold star too; did one days exercise at 4am when I was on 12 hour nights so made it look like 2 in one 24 hour period! Oh well, had to sleep sometime! ;-(


Ooo - that seems rather unfair! Exercise at 4am is real dedication! Not to mention continuing with 12 hour nights - ugh! Respect! :)


Just the normal weight loss that I'm trying to achieve, but I am enjoying a little more freedom with the food due to the increase in activity, which is nice.

Going to hold off measurements until the end.

Loving the challenge though and the fact that I've found something extra to enjoy (cycling) :-)


Just tried on some trousers that were far too tight 2 weeks ago.

I could do them up so progress is being made made.


Sounds like a good result! :)

This has just reminded me that I haven't done anything yet today - I'd better get that yoga mat out quick! :)


George. I graduated just over a year ago. I lost a little, maybe 1 or 2 pounds, but nothing special but like others have commented I too felt trimmer.

For me the key to turning it into weight loss was ultimately quite simple .... Exercise a little more ... Eat a little less. What really helped me with that though was a pedometer (fitbit) that recorded all activity in a day. That gave me a realistic figure for how many calories I burned in a day. On the other side I recorded everything I ate using MyFitnessPal. I mean everything ... no cheating no underestimating or there would be no point.

The fitbit and myfitnesspal talk to each other so I found it easy to stick to a level that guaranteed I'd lose 1-2 pounds a week. I didn't try a special weight loss diet but did cut out snacks especially and went for slightly smaller portions. I only weighed myself once a week .... Saturday mornings after my run. This was to make sure I was comparing like with like as far as possible.

Result for me was that over 8-10 weeks I lost 1-2 lbs a week and reached my target weight .... all in time to start the 5x50 :-) I'm optimistic about keeping the weight off because I even before the weight loss my weight had been pretty stable anyway. the huge bonus has been that my running times have improved dramatically .... makes sense I guess if you tink effectively I'd been training for a year with a 20lb backpack to carry!

Hope that helps. It worked fine for me anyway.


Thanks, I was looking at fitbits and garmins yesterday thinking about getting one.


I'm happy to lend you a FitBit!

I bought one at the start of the year (I've used other pedometers before) and I loved it! After only a month though I lost it. Looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I really needed it for the myfitnesspal tie up so with a big sigh I ordered another one. Later the same day found it at the bottom of the laundry basket ... D'Oh!

So I've got a spare as a backup you're welcome to borrow to try out.


It's always the way. What is myfitnesspal?


I went a ordered a Garmin today as Amazon had them pretty cheap, thank you for the offer though.


You're welcome. btw MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app you use to record what you are eating. Just a calorie counter but with a huge database that means just about anything you can think of will already be there. Having it on the phone means it's easier to keep it up to date. Cheers.


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