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5x50 Day 4

Well it's coming along, I managed to get nearly half my minimum distance in on the way to work this morning.

Finish that off at lunch then excercise bike at the gym tonight.

Hope my ankle doesn't stop me running for too long, when I go out at lunch it will try out my ankle support.

I did have to run for the bus this morning and my ankle felt fine whilst running just after it throbs.

Oh well siezing up and breaking down is part of the fun.

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So I got todays walk up to 6.2 so far, anything tonight will be a bonus.

How are you others doing the 5x50 getting on?


Due to a lack of paid employment at the moment I have time for longer outings. So today I did a 23 km cycle to a neighbouring village, with a detour into the woods to look for geocaches. I had to leave my bike at one point and go off on foot to explore a a series of old WW2 buildings. Apparently these five old building were anti aircraft emergency ammunition magazines and they are pretty well hidden now with brambles and ivy growing over them.

It was cold on the bike today: 7°C when I left and only 8°C at noon. At one point my head was cold where the air blew in the vents of my helmet and my finger tips were frozen as I was wearing finger-less cycle gloves. I need to find my winter cycle gloves and remember my buff next time.

Oh, I almost forgot, my left leg fell down a hole when I was climbing over a grass-covered mound at the WW2 site. My leg disappeared up to my knee and my ankle gave a big 'thud' when the foot hit the stone beneath. I had a minutes panic as wondered if I'd injured myself and if so, wondering if my phone would work there! Thankfully, no injuries though!


A proper adventure, I'm jealous. I've been stuck in an IT basement all day.


Did a 5 k fast walk today. Tomorrow planning using a bike at the gym but not been on one before and have no idea what level to set it at or how long it may take me.


I didn't go to the gym tonight. Too bad tomorrow will do.

When I go on the bike I try burn the same calories I would on a run, it works out at a much longer distance. Experiment with the resistance see how you feel.


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