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5x50 day 50 350km done!


In from work at 11.20pm, jumped on my bike and cycled my quickest ever 9.6k to complete 350km for the challenge! :-)

I know some of you have done far more, and I salute you all; but as an overweight, previously unfit couch potato & nearly 50 s old I am so happy with my efforts!!!!

Love C25K for getting me moving, and all you c25k 5x50'ers and supporters Thank You All !!!

:-) :-) ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Now where is my bottle of Magners! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) only 1 though as have to run tomorrow to support TJ!

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Woo hoo Poppy!! Brilliant achievement and you have every reason to feel proud! Its not about what others have done but about you and your goal so well done you! Enjoy the cider!!

Sue x


Glad you are finally able to celebrate. Cheers!

Well done, and thank you for joining me on my last 9 days. I'm glad I have a swim in mind for later today, because I can't move much!! And I have a sore head....can't think why ;)

Poppy2010Graduate in reply to TJFlute

Just back from 'stepping stone' run... slow and steady, no pb today!

Well done! great achievement! Hope you enjoyed the drink! :)


:-) This type of blog is what makes C25K and the challenge worth all the hours/aches/pains! To come in after a long shift and hop on the bike...it is all truly life changing. Great going poppy! :-) Gayle

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