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5x50 Day 9

This post is nothing but a moan.

Nothing better thatn going to bed with a migraine and still having it when you get up.

As it's a public holiday today which my work cancelled this year all the busses are a Sunday service.

Everyone seemed to be working this morning so it was with some relief when the crowd expelled me from the bus by osmosis that I could start walking this morrning.

I'll be taking it easy today I think, i'll walk the bare minimum and leave it at that.

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you poor thing. Look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon. X


Sorry to hear you've started off your day on a real low. The migraine is not good for encouraging any sort of activity, certainly not pushing yourself.

I've started off bright and breezy and early for me. I've just returned from a 40 minutes run in which it rained for 25 mins and I didn't care! I only did 5.9 km in the 40 mins, but I tackled running up small hills and managed very slowly.


That's faster than I can run 6K, well done.

I'd love some fresh air right now, looking out my window I can see a stone wall.

I put 3 sugars in my coffee by mistake, I think it's made my brain go a bit funny.

Today i seem to be operating on random.


> I put 3 sugars in my coffee by mistake, I think it's made my brain go a bit funny.

I laughed at this. Sorry!


Well that's todays distance done. I can rest tonight when I get home.


Did the fresh air help your head at all?


You guys and girls doing this challenge have my greatest respect, I can't even begin to think what it must be like to know you have to do 5K of something every day!! Was speaking to a girl at our Parkrun who is also doing this with 2 friends, they all have leg injuries already and are struggling to cover the distance. Keep up the good work, hope the head is feeling better soon George42.


Oldgirl, what I'm enjoying most is that this is making me do more cross-training, Some weeks during C25K I had every intention of getting on my bike on non-running days, but didn't!

As I said to George previously, I'm currently not in paid employment so I have the luxury of time to pick and choose the best time to get out each day - although today I got soaked, and tomorrow looks like a poor forecast too.


Well done swanscot, I used to do a lot of cycling but had an accident 12 years ago and find the forward stretch to handlebars goes for my lower back, I do sometimes use the bikes in the gym though. Good luck, hope you all stay injury free.


I am finding it much more tiring than I expected and I have walked a fair bit of it.

Fresh air did help, I walked up round Edinburgh Castle and got a little bit of sun.

I'm supposed to be accompanying my wife on her Week 5 Run 1 tonight as the gym is closed can't say I want to though.


Just walked another 3 and regret it.


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