Will I never learn?!

Feeling poorly, a bit ashamed and a bit sorry for myself today. Entirely self-inflicted. Last night I went to see Madness at the Roundhouse in Camden as best friend had won 2 tickets. Food and wine (well over 2 bottles between us) were great, concert was great - all in all a fabulous evening. The timings for getting back to my home town of Crowborough were tight, as the last train leaves from London Bridge at 11.04. Anyway, made the train, settled into a seat, and continued reading latest book on my itouch. Texted husband to say that I'd be coming into station at 12.04 and he was happy to pick me up. So far, so good. The next thing I know I'm coming to as my phone has a text message on it. From husband, and one from eldest son, asking where am I?

Yes, I'd fallen asleep, gone past my station to the next one, which was the end of the line. Which would have been ok - a bit inconvenient but ok. However, the train was now heading at high speed, without stopping back towards London. It was empty, as far as I could tell and I had no option but to wait for it to stop! It did, at South Norwood - its destination for the night. My husband had contacted Southern railways to tell them that I was on the train, and there was a very confused driver and conductor that greeted me as they got out of the cabin. Asked me where I had been - like I'd been hiding or something! They called across to a guy on the other platform, and it turned out that he was shutting up the station for the night! He was very kind and tried to get his cab (paid for by Southern Rail) to drop me off at East Croydon, but as she was tracked by GPS she couldn't. So he walked me to a cab office and waited until I got in, refusing to leave me on my own at 1.00 in the morning in South Norwood.

So, long story short: I finally got the first train back to Crowborough at 5.30 in the morning, after some random wandering in E Croydon looking for water and having sat in East Croydon's waiting room for 3 hours. I pulled in to my home station at 6.25 ish and then faced a 2 mile walk uphill home. Crowborough is the highest point in East Sussex, and the station is at the bottom of the hill! I'd been wearing boots that I haven't worn since last Winter and was aware that I had a very sore spot on my left foot. On FINALLY reaching home (which, to be fair, only took 30 mins), the sore spot turns out to be a bleeding blister and there's a strange puffiness on the inside of my left ankle - it's not sore, but it is swollen.

If you're still reading this (LOL), there is a link to C25K, I promise!

The whole experience taught this reckless 50 year old several things:

Don't drink too much and get the last train home. In fact, I'm going on the wagon for 3 months - to say it's put me off, is putting it lightly - which can only be a good thing as alcohol, morning afters and exercise are not good companions!

Before C25K, if I'd had to walk uphill for 2 miles at 6.30 a.m after only one hours sleep - it would have slaughtered me; but I didn't even raise a sweat, despite being extremely tired, footsore, and hungover. So it's made me even more determined to graduate this week and to keep on building to greater fitness. I owe that ability to be able to keep on to C25K. I'm sure that had this happened before I would have been completely floored by the experience but one thing this programme has taught me is that YOU can do it! Whatever IT is, just push a little bit and persevere and you may surprise yourself - I know I've been amazed several times during this programme.

But, all in all, I think I had a lucky escape and learnt some valuable lessons. And about time too!


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  • What a tremendous story Viv, whilst I do feel sorry for your misfortune I confess that it made me chuckle. I'm glad you had a good time seeing madness though, they're a fine band and great fun live.

    Don't go on the wagon until tomorrow, I think after all of those adventures you deserve a drink tonight.

  • Chewy, I like the sentiment behind this, but even the thought of a drink......

  • Oh Viv, am sorry to say it but you did make me chuckle...what an adventure, am quite sure a night in Camden was well worth paying that price tho!

    I agree with Chewy, one last drink tonight....raise a glass to your safe return.

    I do hope your ankle is less swollen once you've rested well, take it easy...

  • Thanks, DebsieB - swelling seems to have gone down, thanks. Am supposed to be doing W9R1 tonight but I'm not going to make it - the first time I've missed a run :(. I'll do it first thing in the morning instead!

  • Wow, that really was One Step Beyond...!

  • Haha - excellent pun!

  • You do know that 3 months from now is 28th December? I'd give it 3 months minus 3 or 4 days..........

  • Hi Beads, yes, I do know it's past christmas, but I'm hoping that by doing it for 3 months it won't seem so daunting and then I'll just carry on - a bit like C25K!

  • If you're taking the C25K approach Viv then maybe it should be a drink, then a glass of water, then a drink, increasing the water until that's all your drinking ;-)

  • Maybe do it for 12 weeks rather than 3 months....

  • At least you have a great story which you can use to scandalise the younger generation as an example of the perils of the demon drink! It's so long since I had a drunken night out to see a great band that I'm a bit envious in spite of the all night epic it turned into! ;-) I hope your foot is better now and good luck with your graduation week. I am sure that you will do it in style! :-)

  • I would post more Vic if I wasn't giggling so hard! ;-) happy you FINALLY made it back home safe and sound for grad week. Wishing you a great run in the morning!!

  • Oh Viv that is a classic, poor you and poor worried hubby! The potentially dangerous combination of public transport and drink is one I have had to abandon years ago lol!

  • You poor thing. What a total nightmare. And what a sequence of untoward events. When things like that happen you just want to magic it all away. I bet your husband was frantic. You were a hero for getting through it all without crumbling. The guy who was locking up the station and helped you sounds a real gentleman too.

    It's a great story though! Hope your foot is ok for running again soon. I think you deserve a bit of couch time! X

  • Great story. I also had far too much wine at a friends party last night but have strategy for not sleeping through my stop - I stand all the way. Good exercise and rather like my version of the pole dance at times, but effective.

  • Lol, chuckling at this image!

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