Met up with 2 other c25kers at Whitley Bay park run yesterday

Was staying at my daughters on babysitting duties for few days But she just happens to live 10 mins walk away from park run route.

Q so what's this grandma to do ?

A Em ... the park run

Found out its Notbads local run so she kindly arranged to meet me as I was a bit nervous of new route with hill as I am used to completely flat P run at edinburgh . Then Lovefood 1984 said she could come too so doubly excited to meet two c25kers .

Lovefood ran lot of way with me and Notbad came back and encouraged me on last bit where I was starting to go slower. Chatted most of way which was first for me cos usually I can run and breathe, or talk and breathe but not all 3 at same time . Was totalled surprised to find I had knocked 1 min 30 secs over average of last few home parkruns ! Just goes to show the power of support from friends .

Great to meet the girls and had lovely chat in cafe after where we refuelled with scones and muffins!


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30 Replies

  • Sounds like a wonderful break from the wonderful grandkids!

  • Can't get enough of grandchildren but was too good an opportunity to miss meeting up with girls. Daughter took granddaughter to gymnastics , son in law watched grandson who is bit poorly and husband brought youngest grandson to watch the run . So all sorted

  • Hug them all. Mine is on the other side of the earth, all i get is pictures!

    :( Maybe a visit next year.

  • Oh that must be so hard Nilzed I find it hard enough being 2. 1/2 hrs drive away from them Hopefully you can get out next year.

  • Well done and sounds like a great park run and well done to notbad and lovefood for the encouragement :)

  • Yes it was great of girls to come along especially when they have wee bit to travel It just made for a really enjoyable morning.

  • Congratulations fitfor60 on a good run . I used to live at Whitley bay when I was a lass , on beach avenue , do you know it ?

  • Know the charity shops on Park View really well Rockette. Daughter lives Tyndale avenue Small world eh Well if you ever back in the area on a sat morning ......

  • When did you leave, Rockette? I lived in Whitley Bay from 1968 to 1975 and went to the High school there.

  • Now then , I was def there in between them years & I went to school there of course but can't remember what school it was I can't even remember the year I left ! I was about fourteen fifteen only lived there a couple of years due to my dad's job at the time . It's certainly a small world , bridge over troubled water was out at the time I lived there & free all right now . Can you remember the Spanish City ?

  • Wouldn't it be funny if you and mr t sat together in double maths Rockette !

  • Lol u know what , it's possible .

  • How lovely Fitfor60. A good run, a good time and a good get together with lovely c25k chums. Win, win, win! :)

  • Absolutely Ancient mum. Never thought would meet so many lovely people when I first started this running game.

  • Sounds fantastic Rona...looking forward to doing Parkrun with you soon - but maybe have the scones and coffee even sooner. Will pm you once Katie goes back to New York later this week :(

  • That sounds great Beth

  • How lovely for you to meet with others and do your parkrun with support! Sounds like a great run and good to have a chinwag after! x :-)

  • Was magic morning all round no - excuse

  • Please let me know when you're visiting another time - I'm just a few miles away and haven't tried the Whitley Bay one. If you fancy a change of scenery another time the Saltwell Park, Gateshead one is a lovely run :-)

  • Oh even more excited now deekay We are down at Whitley Bay quite a bit but just not usually on a sat Notbad and Lovefood were talking about us all trying to meet up and run together again sometime so be great if you could join us I'll keep Gateshead in mind - daughter used to live there for wee while before moving to Whitley Bay

  • That sounds lovely, I mostly run alone so would be a real treat - I'm quite slow though :-)

  • That'd be great deekay, the more the merrier :-)

  • Doesn't matter how fast or slow you are deekay Cos I didn't want to keep girls back I suggested we just meet up to say hello at start and then run separately and it all worked really well as we found each other either on way and or at end . I didn't feel any pressure - just support and encouragement .

  • Awe, what a lovely post - it was wonderful to have our very own Fitfor60 as a parkrun tourist, and believe me if she didn't state her age in her username no one would guess. The little ones are very lucky to have such a doting and super fit granny!

    I'm so relieved you wrote I was encouraging you at the end, afterwards I wondered if it was more like hectoring, I got carried away as I could see on my watch your time was good! :-O Really great time especially considering it's not as flat as your home parkrun, well done - and talking all the way around too, I hear. ;-)

  • Saw your time notbad and you certainly live up to your user name! (25 mins wow!) maybe i need to shift more of this food chub and start speed training after the GNR, you've given me something to aim for, if you can do sub 30 then why can't I :) (should really swap our race positions in next weeks 10k, I think you've definitely under estimated yourself!)

  • It's been a long time since I did the 25 used to do 'Speed' once a week back then and it definitely works (but it's sooo hard!), a few minutes slower yesterday but I was happy with that. If you fancy trying a running group some time then send me a message, there are a few training for GNR in ours. Best wishes for next Sunday!

  • No you were great It was like having personal coach I'll try and keep your words in my head next time I do park run to spur me on at end

  • Whitley Bay High School cross country course, along the old railway line to Holywell Dene and back again, was the last time I ran before I started C25k..........and that was forty years ago........ahh the memories. The PE master, Roly Neighbour, used to accompany us along the railway, on a bike, puffing away at his cigarettes. I don't think we were set the best possible examples of physical prowess, but I am glad to see that others are doing a better job in my old home town.

    Well done ladies on burning up the prom.

  • It's a small world Mr T You could always come to our next whitley bay run Hopefully PE lessons have moved on since then

  • I would love to, but home is 300 miles away in Devon and I don't expect to get up there in the near future. Anyway, we all run together in spirit.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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