Boxing Day Run anyone?

We have all had a great year, at least in terms of running. I hope. Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate that together. Wouldn't it be just fab if we could all meet up somewhere and go for a run.

That isn't going to realistically happen unfortunately. So how about a 'Virtual' C25K Park Run. It would work like this..

> Choose your favourite local run. If you know any other C25K'ers then team up with them

> At 9am on Boxing day, set off on a 5K run, or whatever you are comfy with. If you are still progressing through the weeks, just do your normal run.

Anyone up for this? (Not that I would know if you did it or not :-D )


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40 Replies

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  • Hi Nerdio, I am definitely up for it. Will be great thinking of all of us out there together. Great idea.

  • I could well be up for this only problem I would have is getting out at 9am, I will still have a house full of family guests.......... but could certainly do it later in the day

  • I am up for it because of it being called a 'celebration' run. We've all gained so much through the running!

    I too will have a houseful because my daughter and family will be descending on us for a 'Full English' style breakfast so will had to tweak the time a bit. Still - a beaut idea!

  • Yes I am , great idea .

  • We will be between 'in laws'. ie one set gone, next set on the way :-)

  • I'm thinking of doing the Nairn Turkey Trot 5k run on Boxing Day. This starts at 11am and is in fancy dress. I'm still to choose what dressing up costume to run in. This is a 'naked' run, ie running without any timing devices. You have to submit your estimated time beforehand and the winner is the runner who is closest go their guessimate. Also prize for the best costume.

  • Great idea Nerdio, count me in, that's if I can get out of bed in time! If not I'll definitely be doing it later in the day - better late than never hey! I'll set my alarm though in anticipation :)

  • Yes like this. Count me in.

  • If all goes to plan I should be on Week 7 Run 3 and would love to join all of you graduates. It may keep me going knowing that I have to run a few minutes less than you.

  • It will be great to have you with us.

  • I know some parkruns are doing extra Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Years Day parkruns, so might be worth checking your local one (via their facebook page) to see if they doing any extra ones.

  • Sounds like a plan - if I can get out of bed!

  • Good idea, count me in. Last year I did our local 'pudding run' which is 5k and a bit of a crush, I might do that (it's 10.30am) if I can brave the crowds, or at the very least will go for a run alone.

  • Pudding and Run. How good can it get? Sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Sounds like a good plan. I ran on Xmas Day last year (keen or what?) and thoroughly confused one little boy because I was wearing my Santa hat!

  • I'll be running the Chester round the walls 5mile at 10 am so hopefully that counts! Great plan

  • That sounds good. Haven't been to Chester for years.

    Maybe, since we cannot all make 9 am (which is not surprising), then we should tally up our distances, and see how far we can all run.

    (Getting excited about this run - can't wait until Christmas is over so I can do it. (Did that sound a bit too grumpy?) :-D)

  • You sounded too excited to be grumpy.

  • I like!!! Im still on track to graduate this year-wk8 run 2 next! Will aim to make this my graduation run,( as Im having additional rest days between to not knacker my shins) just to add a little more meaning to the occasion! Will be lovely to think of you all running alongside me! Im getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

  • Fantastic, graduation day on Boxing Day. I will be sure to run for the full 30 minutes then, without a rest (have been taking easy as injuries get better). I'm right there with you! :)

  • Lovely! Looking forward to it!

  • Okey dokey, I'm in! Run off some Xmas chocolate!

  • I'm going to be in sunny Swanage, Dorset and I will be running along the sea front aiming for a 10 k. :)

  • Sounds great. I hope the sea air is not too bracing that day.

  • Ooh, yes please! I was going to run on Christmas morning again but this is my year for the family so it won't be as easy as it was last year. Boxing Day sounds grand :)

  • OK, I'm putting my name down - will aim to treat myself to a nice flat run by the sea :) ... weather permitting.

  • This is my first Christmas as a runner and I can't think of Anything better....great idea thankyou x

  • Great idea. I will do my best to be out there. Would you mind if I put a link on the quest page as I think there might be some there interested as well.

  • Where is the 'Quest Page'? ie what is the link :)

  • Hi this is the link I have put up today but there will be a new post put up on Monday.

    Hopefully you will get loads joining

  • Yep, count me in please! IF all goes to plan I will be on W8R2 on Boxing Day, so maybe that means I can start at 9.02 am 'cos I'll only be running 28 minutes!!!

  • Count me in.

  • Hi there. I have just put the final post up for the Xmas quest and have linked in your post so hopefully we will all run some km or miles on Boxing Day. Thank you.

  • 1/2 thinking of parkrun on Christmas Day - but not there yet as i am cooking for all family Would that count

  • Any run is good. We won't all be able to make it out on Boxing Day, family commitments etc.

  • I'd love to join you all for a virtual run, so count me in!

  • Oh brilliant :D Can I join?

  • More the merrier :)

  • Thanks for the idea Nerdio.

    Boxing day run, done :)

  • Thanks Nerdio, this really helped me get out there this morning and I really enjoyed my Boxing Day 5K. Hard going though after all yesterday's food and alcohol!

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