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Not so good!

After a great week of runs last week. This week isn't going as well! Went out lastnight hoping to do another 5k but from the start really struggled with my breathing and several times had to job on the spot to catch my breath. I managed to stick with it for 30 mins and just over 4k, which did involve a slight hill too. Decided I'd have another little run tonight but I think my head just was t in it as I only managed 10 minutes before walking home. I'm going to have a rest tomorrow and go again Thursday! Hope everyone se is having a better running week!!

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... And for the first time I really ache from yesterday's run - particularly my sides!!


I think we all have runs like that! Like laura says on one of the podcasts sometimes you can't explain what is wrong just some days you have worse runs and other days you have great ones! One thing to look forward to is your next good run as they feel even better after a not so good one I find :)


I had one the other day, had suffered with a cold but was feeiing better. Managed 6 1/2 laps of the track and nothing I did or said in my head would change the fact that my legs just stopped. I then developed a really nasty chesty cough for the evening.

The next few days my body felt really tired and I think it was punishing me as it clearly hadn't wanted to run !! I think there are times when everything isn't working together and even your mind can't get you through but its just a bad run, your next run will feel much better ;-)


Just keep going, a bad run is better than no run. Try starting really steady then build up. Your 30minute run sounds ok you did well with that hill.


Ahhh! Run456, you need some time off. You may have a virus, which would explain the SOB and pain/aches.

Take a few days, get yourself well, then restart with renewed vigour slowly, then gradually build up. If you keep going you will only make it worse :-)


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