Not a good week, running wise

I seem to have lost some motivation, and I don't know why. I've done my 3 runs this week, but whereas last week I managed a 6km and a 7km run, this week I struggled to do 5, and even that it was a case of 'I have done 5k many times now, I know I can do it' but it was a struggle. Can everyone keep their fingers crossed that this won't last, and that I'll be back to normal this week.


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12 Replies

  • Don't worry, and don't beat yourself up - we all have good runs and not-so-good runs. But you got out there 3 times so well done! :)

    Maybe you need a bit of a change? Could you try changing your route or going the other way? Or perhaps try some intervals on a shorter run for one of your 3 runs. Or try listening to something different (or nothing).

    I think lots of us go through post-graduation dips, so you're not alone. You'll probably be fine next week, but won't know for sure until you get out there. Let us know how it goes.

  • Thank you. I stopped listening to music when I graduated, as I liked being able to notice what was around me as I ran, but maybe I'll put together some of my favourites just for a change. I'm resting today and tomorrow, so will be out again Tuesday. Hopefully it will be a better run

  • Fingers crossed !!

  • Thank you

  • Sounds like you may be getting a bit bored? How about setting yourself a new target, trying a new route or mixing it up a bit with intervals? Sometimes just a run for the fun of it - not bothering about time or distance reawakens your enjoyment. Don't worry - you'll soon get that feeling back.

  • I've signed up for my first 10k at the end of June (even just writing that gives me a thrill, knowing it is possible) to give me something to work towards, but maybe you're right, maybe I should just go out this week, not plan a route, and just see where I end up. I am rather obsessed with knowing exactly where I'm going before I go out the door.

  • It would be nice to know it was hormonal, then I would know it was temporary. I've done a couple more runs since then, they were ok, but not brilliant, so I'm just easing back on my expectations of myself.

  • I think we all dip at times below our usual distances and excel on other days, for example rewarding yourself a rest day and not feeling anxious or guilty in not running. Ive been there like many others and in some occasions been socially enjoying a few beers the previous night and surprising myself running further than anticipated which is the greatest feeling of endurance... so don't be too hard on yourself...

  • Thank you. Maybe socially enjoying a few beers is what I need to get me back on track :)

  • I noticed that as soon as I finished the "programme", I felt like I was going backwards. However, I think I have now solved it (for me) - I still do the regimented three days of training -- but one day, I do fast intervals (only 8x1min fast runs with walk breaks in between) , next day I do a run/walk "Long run" ( which will eventually go up to 15K) and the third day I do 5K Parkrun -- but now on a fourth day, I just strap on my shoes and go out the door - with nothing in mind nor even which way I will turn, whether I walk or run - all depends on how I feel.

  • That's exactly it. I felt like I was going backwards. I am trying to vary what I do each time I'm out, parkrun most Saturdays, sometimes doing intervals, and sometimes just running. I have lost the feeling of constantly improving though. Maybe I need a 'just put your shoes on and go' day.

  • I don't think we can constantly improve indefinitely :) In the early days, when we are rising from a base of "zero" there is only one way -- up!! Eventually we must plateau out -- but remember that is what we all originally wanted -- to reach some goal, to be able to run, to reach some weight goal, etc. Once we are there, the hardest part of all awaits us -- maintenance!!. Many people just love to build or create things - like for example, a business - but once build it t they hate the "boredom" of maintenance. However , when it comes to our bodies we can't just go and build another completely new one, we must face up to the fact and task of maintaining what we have.

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