Well...Wk 8 not good so far

Nah, I've hit a wall :(

Wk 8 r1, on Wednesday, tried after a heavy meal, hot evening, got round, but when she said it was 60 seconds to go, I just stopped. Did not warm down properly and staggered home.

Today, did it without Laura (lost my shuffle) just did a 20m run, calf muscle hurt like hell all the way (lack of warm down the other day). Feel so sorry for myself.

I will try again Sunday.

It's the first time I've not managed the runs. Am I too old for this stuff?

But. I would never have been able to run for 20 mins a few weeks ago. I will try again on Sunday morning, and take it as Wk 8 r1.


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  • You're definitely not too old you're still a youngster like me! For me you've simply answered your own questions. Running in the heat after a heavy meal and not warming down. We've all had bad runs so put it down to experience and get out there on Sunday taking it slow and steady. Look how far you've come in only 7 weeks or so. Only the last couple of weeks and you're there.

    Good luck for Sunday and look forward to your post run post.

  • Thank you OldWheezer..will try :)

  • You are never too old for this I am 54 you might have hit the wall today but after a couple of days rest I am sure you will be able to kick it over just put it down to a bad day and the weather which we all have to contend with but with 60 seconds to go that is a good as a I am ready to move on to the next one

  • That's a good point manofkent62 many thanks for the encouragement :)

  • Have a couple of days rests. You have been doing this program fine before and will again.

  • I may well do that, I had a tough few days in work too, which meant the gremlins had a field day :)

  • No, your not too old I did c25k at 60 and wife did it at 61! There are others older who have done it!

    It happens with the odd run, hope you've learnt a lesson with regard to eating & running, try and avoid the heat, done really well to get to where you are, stick with Laura, she'll take you to graduation, and beyond if you want..😊

  • Gosh, well done, I am not the oldest here! It had all gone so well, and I think I was getting a bit arrogant, and not using common sense. Thanks for the encouragement davelinks :)

  • Firstly love the polka dot shoes :-)

    Secondly you are never too old.

    Thirdly a 20 minute run is amazing.

    Just go again, I always jog in the evening and ran W7 D1 in the morning on a windy and wet day without having breakfast. I had to stop about 6 times and was so annoyed at myself and felt I had failed completely. That is not true as they say on the podcasts every run is different.

    You will do this and remember how far you have come already :-)

  • Thank you BigGirlJogging, I will pick myself up, dust myself down, and head on out on Sunday...so good to have these wise words of advice :)

  • Read my Posts - you will laugh at your question about 'too old' :)

    You are having a few 'Practice' days instead of 'success' days that's all - we all do it :) Main thing is - don't injure yourself by rushing :)

    You'll be fine - just take it slowly and steadily and trust the programme but forget about '9' and '5' The reality being they prove very arbitrary around here for the vast majority of us :) Progress - NOT perfection ;)

    See you on the Graduate Platform sooner or later :)

  • Thanks, yes yes to progress not perfection :) I love your posts, no, I'm not too old, that's just a get out clause :) Thanks

  • You stopped??? With 60 seconds to go??? You'd have been able to see the finish line 100 metres ahead. Don't do it again!!!

    (Everyone is so nice on here, but sometimes we all need a stern talking to :-) )

  • Heck, I be done that! Sometimes it's good to be stubbornly assertive and say sod that for a game of soldiers when you just-dont-want-to-run. πŸ˜„ It stops the tail wagging the dog and making a penance out of something I want to feel good about ☺ But I hasten to add this is totally only my opinion πŸ€”πŸ™‚

  • Hee, hee. Yes, it was a major wuss out :)

  • You're never too old! You understand what went wrong both times, now just to beat the gremlins into submission & get out there again on Sunday with the expectation that you will complete it. You can do it! Happy running :-)

  • Thank you RunningGeek. I will. :)

  • Every run is different and test us in different ways! You 'stumbled home' that's moving forward..........and you reached the front door - yea! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    Put those polka dot clad feet up and remember how far you have come, πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― click the heels three times and off you go again!! Don't forget to change your shoes though!!

    You can do it 🎈🎈🎈

  • Aw, ok, maybe that was the problem, the shoes may not be appropriate for a 5k run :D

  • Sunday will be your day :) Don't worry. Be happy! You've got to week 8. Soon you'll be on week 9 and then you'll be graduating and ready to run when and as you please :)

  • Ah Chin up Hooch, don't beat yourself up, cut yourself a bit of slack here :-) The weather certainly doesn't help things, it saps you .

    Ive had some right stinkers . Theres been times when Ive come home and felt like throwing all my running gear in a skip, but if I did, I know that two minutes later I would be clambering in to get it out again , Ha ha :-)

    Have a rest and then give it another go , you will be fine .You are so so close now .

    And no, youre definitely not too old. We have a lovely gentleman on here who graduated at 80 ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug !

  • Yo hooch! I'm a graduate and quit after only a mile and a bit Wednesday ☺ Some days are like that for whatever reason. Went out this morning and did a comfortable 2.6 or something in 35 minutes. There are NO "fail" days once you go out the door. Only "practice" days and success" days ☺ Your sot is ready for you when you make your slow and steady run to it, just like is lot 'round 'ere πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you Irish-John, will give it a go tomorrow. I love running though, and will keep going :)

  • ☺

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