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Week 8 Run 1 not easy at all.

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Week 8 Run 1. I have been informed that it gets easier the more you do. What a load puff. I though I was going to die doing run 1 of week 8. But I managed it, just. My new toy from the kids for my birthday a FitBit Charge 2, monitored my heart rate at 144 rising to 175 at peak for 20 minutes.

I could not wait to hear the fantastic news that Sarah Millican was going to tell me "You can slow down now well done" I Seriously thought it was all over and I had died and gone to hell.

But when I completed it. Wow what a feeling of euphoria. I am now looking forward to doing Run 2 of week 8 on Friday. Yes its hard, the hardest exercise I have had to do for 30 years. Don't listen to the gremlins telling you stop you've done enough. Listen to the "You can do this, you have already completed 7 weeks".

I Just thought I would put this out there. Not only for my own inspiration, but also in the hope that it finds others.

Keep going don't stop you can do it. You have already done 7 Weeks of this. What is another 3 minutes on top of what you have already completed and smashed.

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Excellent run Trev4950 , and that feeling is the fabled "runner's high" - fantastic you got to feel it.

I remember my own W8R1 well, that additional 3 minutes was a killer and I thought I was never going to get to the end of the last minute! My own heart rate is similar to yours, so nothing to worry about there!

Good luck for R2!

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Trev4950Graduate in reply to Tailsmo

Thanks Tailsmo.

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I know you have probably heard it a few times before but try and slow it down. It really is true that if you are out of breath - you are going too fast.

Well done.

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Trev4950Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

Slow and Steady is right on. That's what I do. There would have been no way to it otherwise. Cheers. :-)

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Fabulous post!

"What a load of puff, I thought I was going to die"😂😂😂

Been there!

Really well done for not giving in - it really is worth it for the euphoria afterwards isn't it. :)

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Trev4950Graduate in reply to McFitty

Sure is McFitty. Thanks. :-)

Ha ha! No pain no gain! It'll all be worth it in the end, even if it's only to tell all the doubters that you did it!

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Trev, sorry to say this but it doesnt get easier, why would it, you are running for longer and further!

However I can guarantee if you go back and repeat wk1 run 1 it would be easier than it was the last time you ran it.

The programme pushes you each week. As you improve, it gets tougher, making it always feel tough but achievable. Sign of an excellent programme.

"But when I completed it. Wow what a feeling of euphoria." just proves my point further.

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Great post! Well done, you really do deserve to feel proud. You're so close to that 30 minutes now. Imagine the euphoria you'll feel on your graduation run! You can and you will! :)

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Thanks melly4012. I can still only imagine. :-) I have to first get through the pain and suffering of the remaining 5 runs. But I will get there.

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MotherPipGraduate in reply to Trev4950

So close now !

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Hi Trev, I'm on week 8 too and I know what you mean. Did run 2 last night and it felt very hard, but probably all psychological. My heart rate goes up to about 155, which in terms of 220 minus your age (63) is just about OK. I bet you're a lot younger though. Glad you fought those gremlins and were chuffed at the end. Great going! 👍🏻. Hope run 2 goes well today.

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Trev4950Graduate in reply to Greffiere

Awesome. 63 years young. Brilliant. I am 50 now but started this program at 49. I was not happy with myself for a long time but suddenly I found the wellbeing I have been searching for in this program. It's the best thing I have done for myself in 30 years. I am so determined to carry on after reaching the 30 minute target. We can do it.

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What a great post, my thoughts exactly but said much better than I could have done!

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Week 8...A pipe dream at the moment. Well done you.

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Trev4950Graduate in reply to MotherPip

MotherPip. They are gremlins, thinks like Pipe Dreams. You can and will achieve what you have already set out to do. I know it seems like the impossible, but trust me you will be so happy at the end. Listen to the good and honest. It's tough but we have to do. We will do it.

Amazing work mate . This is my next run and I’m already thinking about that extra 3 minutes . Took encouragement I could force myself to speed up in the last minute ! It’s like they say on sas who dares wins , just a little further!

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