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put it off long enough ... got me bum off the couch!!

I have to admit that it's been a while since I signed up to C25K. After all the positive posts I received in return to my hesitating starting this programme, it has really been knock back after knock back. Things just got in the way of, well, getting me bum off the couch! Although I have started to make the "lifestyle changes" advised by my doctors, between stress at work, aspects of my home life giving me headaches and then having to have my beloved pet put to sleep, I've had "excuses".

But it was when I had to make that choice in having to tell the Vet to put a living being to sleep that did it. How dare I sit back any more and take it all for granted. I know some people may think that a silly trigger but to me, it was huge.

Sooooo.... tonight after work.. I went out and actually ran!! Yep! ME! I put on my new Aldi special running jacket, socks and trainers, together with my too-tight leggings then plugged Laura in and went out there.

It was just getting dark and actually felt less conscious because of it - not easy to see my beetroot red face! (although my running and breathing was more like a herd of buffallo stampeeding than a lightfooted and graceful gazelle!)

the first run was bloody hard. thought I was going to die!! Just could not breathe properly. Panicked a bit. the second run I turned the air blue in swearing (actually quite loud) at Laura because Im sure she short changed me in walking time (sorry Laura). However, I perservered and by run 4 I was actually getting in to the swing of things. I began to concentrate less on the fact that I was actually trying to run, but rather started to look up and around, take things in.

I passed other people "jogging". They looked fab. Made it look so easy. They were wearing little shorts and t-shirts. They had flesh showing!!! (toned of course). I passed some runners in pairs and they were ---- I couldnt believe it --- talking , TALKING, whilst running! I was just about breathing!

Made it home, my boyfriend asked me how it went. I couldnt respond other than nod. No breath left for talking. I cooled down playing with new little pussy cat before showered and had some dinner.

Biggest problem I encountered was not getting a good breathing technique going, but Im hoping (as guided by my fellow but more experienced C25Kers) that that will come in time, Im bloody aching all over now. I can feel every muscle (including one in my big toe and bottom I never knew I had) BUT I have a smile on my face bigger than my backside!! Because ----- I did it, I survived and cant wait to get out there again!

Small, but determined steps ..... :-)

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Fantastic blog, well done and sorry to hear about your loss.

Breathing can be a bit of a bugger, I find that breathing in whilst counting my paces 1,2,3 then exhaling on 4 helps me get into the right rhythm when I'm running (try it when doing warm-up walk), but the most important tip is to keep breathing and don't worry about sounding like a steam engine.


Well done you for getting there. This is the 1st of many small steps but I am sure you will keep going now and soon find the addiction the rest of us have found.

Good luck xx


Well done for doing it!!!

Know exactly how it feels, the feelings and excuses b4 you get your bum up and out there.

I run in Dartmoor national park and Im sure I disturbed every living creature with my huffing and puffing but at least Im trying to run. In the beginning I was quite conscious and embarrassed meeting other runners but now at w5 I don't really care any more. I know what amazing progress I've made and that's what matters.

Good luck and keep posting!!


Hi, what a great blog and welcome to the community! You will find a lot of support round here :)

I totally understand the perspective you can get on life when you take a decision like that. It is a horrible thing to have to do.

The sense of achievement on this programme is amazing and you will surprise yourself each week with what your body can do. You have taken the hardest step, getting out there for the first time - not long and with a bit of hard work, you'll be one of those toned joggers!


Well done!! Don't think about the times you put off running, you're now in the programme so celebrate that. To quote Laura 'even a bad run is better than no run' - I keep this in my head when I don't feel like running or when it feels especially hard (not that I'm saying your run sounded like a bad one - it sounded determined and impressive!)

As for breathing, a friend of mine gave me a great tip and that is to breathe in really deeply filling your lungs all the way to the bottom and allowing your stomach to puff out as you inhale. We often tend to just use the 'top' part of our lungs but in something like yoga you're taught to take full breaths. This has really helped me get enough oxygen in. Not sure I could hold a conversation though!!

Keep keeping on, I've lost over a stone since I started and just have 4lbs left to go to reach my target (along with healthy eating) and my husband has reached his first target (over a stone and a half lost) and is gonna go for another 6lbs. We were total couch potatoes before we started so you can definitely do this :-)


thank you everyone!!

Im determined to keep going and you my fellow C25Kers have started and done it- so can i.

Week 1 run 2 tomorrow .......

keep on running and blogging!



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