Aarghh, the gremlin got me on W6R3 :(

So, week 6 had been fine for me on runs 1 and 2. I was nervous with how some people have struggled with it but all was fine, that was until my run 3 this morning.

It was cold first thing so I opted to do the food shop first with the hope that it would warm up and the fog would burn off. Thankfully it warmed up slightly and the fog had just gone when I started my run.

As always I seemed to struggle on the first 5 minutes but got into my pace soon enough. I had to dodge several dog walkers and their dogs but all was good. I was relieved to hear the 12.5 minute point and knew that I was going to make it. Unfortunately I started to struggle after that and then around 19 minutes I went through billowing bonfire smoke which some lovely neighbour backing onto the sports field had lit. I struggled with my breathing and with that felt my achey calf. The bonfire gremlin told me to stop and I sadly listened. I paused Laura, started walking for 90 seconds - 2 minutes where I could catch my breath and gave myself a talking to. I then pressed play to continue Laura and started running again. Almost immediately I heard Laura say that there were 5 minutes left and even though I may feel tired don't stop and push through - aarrgghhhh. I pushed through to the end and even found enough in the tank to go that bit faster in the last minute which Laura encouraged me to do (although that seemed to last forever!).

Rather than feeling elated I was fuming with myself that I allowed a gremlin in so close to the end. My question to you all is whether I should repeat this run 3 or carry on to week 7 as they are 25 minute runs which I will keep running through to the end.

I am soo disappointed in myself :(


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11 Replies

  • don't be disappointed i know exactly how you feel as ive had a similair situation in week 7 though i didnt stop running but 2 really slow runs ☹️If you feel comfortable just carry on to week 7😊You are doing great we will see you at the end😀👍🌟

  • Thank you Pc59. I'm hoping it was a blip and do feel comfortable to carry on to week 7. I think I just needed the reassurance.

  • I don't think you can call this one a failure. Running through smoke would put anyone off, and you should be proud of yourself for carrying on.

    Ok you stopped but then finished the run. You have done the time, albeit with a short break. I don't think you should be so hard on yourself.

    I'm far from being an expert however I think most people would agree with me.

  • Thank you for the confidence boost, it's just what I needed.

  • If you are a perfectionist by nature, then do it again or it'll niggle you. If you're not, then just keep going - breathing in bonfire smoke is enough to put anyone off. Don't be disappointed - look how far you've got, graduation is in sight!

  • That's a phrase I've never considered for myself yet "graduation is in sight" but it is, isn't it?!

  • It is! Look behind you. See the determined girl in trainers back at W1R1? That's you, and she's dead chuffed to see how far you've got. Now turn around again, lace up those trainers and give it some welly.

  • i agree with mfamilias ... do what feels right for you :) you have done brilliantly and the path is before you. Well done :)

  • Thank you and I feel week 7 is right for me now. Use this one as experience and put it behind me.

  • Yeay...go you! You are ready for it... you have the determination and you are well on the way.


  • How horrible to breathe in the smoke🔥. I would say you have done Week 6 and anyway Week 7 is more of the same, so you can do the first run of week 7 and see how it goes :-)

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