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Off the injury couch and running with hares!

Hurrah. First run after 10 days (and only once a week for a couple of weeks before that). My back was fine - it'll hurt in the morning but it's hurt every morning when I haven't been running! I am pretty sure I need to build up my core strength so back to pilates next week.

I started back on week 5, day 1 (I last ran week 6, day 1 so not too far back) and it was fine.

My usual running partner came (the dog) but also my daughters - aged 12 and 14. It was their first time and they were both insistent that they were fit enough to start at week 5 (they both are skinny things who dance and do lots of sport).

It was like the hare(s) and the tortoise. I told them not to go too fast but off they both shot, leaving me in a cloud of dust. I shuffled along at my usual pace. Just after the lovely Laura told me I was half way through my first 5 minutes I noticed the hares were slowing down - they had to walk the last 2 minutes.

They didn't learn and at the second 5 minute run shot off again, laughing at me plodding along. I had the last laugh when I shuffled past them in my last 5 minute stretch whilst they were lay on the floor with stitch!

But of course, being teenagers, they would not be told! I only overtook them because I had done all the programme from the start and they only stopped because their knee hurt/they had stitch/a fly bumped into them.

But they are keen to come again (running with them did confirm my thoughts - I am a solitary runner!) but want to start the programme at the beginning so the plan is we will all go together along the towpath but at our own pace (leaving me to enjoy the solitude but being able to keep an eye on them at the same time!)

But it's good to be back.

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Welcome back and watch out for those flies!


They were so funny - the excuses they came out with as to why they couldn't run the whole thing.

Neither of them would admit it was because they were going too fast - that of course would have proved me right.

Mum 1 - Teenagers 0


I loved reading this post :)

I wouldn't even try running with my 8 year old as he is way too fast. However, the reason I started C25k was because my 5 year old was fitter than me!!!! Fast forward a few months and now I can beat her comfortably but I still love pootling around with her. She has even been running with my Mum who has also started C25k.

I bet your teenagers are secretly rather impressed with what their Mum is capable of .....


Yay ! Well done Deb , you showed these young whippersnappers how to do it ! :-)

Good to hear theyre going to do the programme , is the dog doing it too ? :-) xxx


The dog is far too interested in the ducks to listen to Laura.

Which is probably a good thing as I'm not sure I'd get earphones to fit her pointy ears!


Ha ha :-) xxx Hey come to think of it , we did have a dog that graduated on here :-) xxx


Haha! A sweet moment! Hopefully your girls have a new found respect for their old Mum now!


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