I only went and chuffing did it!

I've done it! I got through C25K, and I finished up, this morning, at my local Park Run!

I'm 38 years old, I haven't run since school before these 9 weeks (and avoided it as much as possible then), and 18 months ago I was off work recovering from a nervous breakdown weighing over 25st.

Now, I can chuffing well run 5K, I'm pushing my body further than I ever have and am loving every minute. Somehow, I've got through each run first time, and I'm crediting all of you with that as the support here gave me the belief that I could do each one.

Thank you all, what a ride it's been! X


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47 Replies

  • Brilliant. What a fantastic achievement. Another graduate joins this week"s conga!!

  • Thank you, I feel AMAZING :)

  • Ride those waves of euphoria! Fantastic well done. Hope I join you in 8 weeks! :-D

  • You will! Just trust the plan :)

  • SUPERMINX, you did it!!!!HOORAHHHH!!!!

    Enjoy your running.

  • I'm so pleased! Still buzzing! Next plan is to spend time running from zombies.

  • Do tell us how you get on with the zombies. It sounds like a whacky way to train.....but it could be fun.

  • That's awesome, congrats!

  • Thank you

  • That's incredible!!! Go you!!!!

  • Thanks so much.

  • wow, that is brilliant! You have come a long way in 18 months and that takes proper guts. This programme is such a good support to help achievement when it seems so unlikely. What is your next target? Longer, faster, or ITs suggestions of snowboarding and base jumping? I am keeping it modest with 'keeping going' when my mind and body says hibernate for the winter! Like ITs SUPERMINX!

  • Thanks Hun, the support from here has been fabulous :) I'm so glad we all did it! Just waiting for my badge now hehe.

    I'm hoping to get faster, would love to get under 30 minutes :) What's your plan?

  • Hopefully badge will come soon! I dragged a poor woman out of her office at work to see mine when it popped up! My immediate plan is run 5k tomorrow - which means charging my phone! I am volunteering at a local Parkrun in two weeks. Then a park run when I run. I might just see how C25K+ sounds just to have Laura around. I want to keep pottering along really - the health benefits are fab and it is especially the mental health side. I find myself thinking 'i feel happy' and it is the endorphins, self-esteem, being pink and smug, and then the slimmer and fitter bit. And it is basically free - except I have bought myself kit. Love my fitbit still!

  • Fantastic :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations. It's a real achievment, get your Graduate badge and consider what you are doing for your PhD :-)

  • Current plan is to carry on with ParkRun and to run from Zombies!

  • Great stuff Minx.

    An inspiration!


  • Thank you so much!

  • Well done ,can't wait till I graduate only on wk2 , but again well done xxx

  • I was the same :) You'll get there!

  • Yay!!! Been looking out for your grad post, and it's great that you did your last run on a park run! Fantastic feeling isn't it, and this forum is so incredibly supportive, it's really lovely to see. Let us know how your park runs go, and your running from zombies! Hope you get your badge soon! :)

  • It's just the best feeling, I'm still grinning! Can't wait to try Zombies, Run! Still no badge :(

  • Well done ....you should be so proud of what you've achieved ,sounds like you have turned your life around ....huge congratulations on your grad. Hope to see your badge soon :)

  • I feel like a new person - like I can achieve anything now. Thank you.

  • Congratulations on a fantastic achievement, not 'just' with the C25K but also in the way you've turned your life around :)

  • Thank you, next stop hitting my weight loss target!

  • Chuffing brilliant I say :-D well done you, onwards and upwards

  • Thank you!

  • Missed you post yesterday but CONGRATULATIONS! What a ride indeed... You have done brilliantly and kept me entertained into the bargain. I hope you had a bit of a celebration last night?

    Ps I am going to have a go at the zombies too... X

  • Thank you so much, the support has meant so much! No celebrations, weight loss is still the bigger picture :)

    I can't wait to start escaping the zombies! that was my present to myself!

  • What's zombies ?

  • It's a running app, you have to keep running to escape from zombies. It's called Zombies, Run!

  • Well done and congratulations. Can't wait to see your badge by your name. Have fun running for those zombies.

  • No badge yet :( How long until I can sulk?

  • Hehe winners are not allowed to sulk.

  • You are inspirational. My story is similar to yours. Mental health issues and v overweight. Have lost 2.5 stone and starting wk 9 tomorrow. Zombies run looks fun!

  • Can't wait to see your graduation post! X

  • Brilliant well done, hope that badge turns up soon :) :)

  • Thank you, I'll probably email again tomorrow if it doesn't show hehe.

  • Well done that is fantastic :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations MinxyMissK !!!

    An inspirational post and I'm so happy for you :)


  • Thanks so much x

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you :)

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