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Couch to 5K
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I did it...Couch25k complete!

Well I did it! Last night was my last run of the programme and it felt good!

I didn't run a full 5k - more like 4.65k but I ran for a full 30 minutes 3 times and there's nothing like the sense of achievement. Now that I've graduated, I think my next step is going to be trying to run for the full 5k and since I'm running 10k a the end of May I'm thinking of just increasing in 5 minute intervals each week and see how I do. I will probably struggle but if I can run for a full 30 minutes and do it 3 times then I have no doubts that I'll manage it in the end. Wish me luck!

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Good luck well done ☺


Good luck for your 10k and well done today.


Super well done and good luck on your continuing journey indeed :)

Hope you get your graduation 'badge' and please let us know how post-c25k goes :)


Huge Congratulations...

Remember, you don't have to run 5K, you did the 30 mins runs and that is just what it is about.

Build up slowly now and take the advice you will be offered.

Now...go get that badge, Graduate! :)


Wioooo hoooo well done


Congratulations. Good luck with those future runs ☺


Well done - good luck with the 10k!


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