W9R3: Graduation Day run over!

I can't quite believe that I have actually done it. It was a hard run again but better all round with every PB I could make just about. 5k down in 27 mins 33 secs, total run 5.46k in 30 mins. Strange thing is I wasn't sure I got this right at all. I chased the first km in 5 min 10 secs and really felt it. I should have guessed I was way ahead by the obvious landmarks. It did slow me down a bit after but I kept plodding away at it and the lap times were actually pretty good.

The sense of achievement is immense I have to say. But what now? I have been talking to my friend who put me on to c25k (she didn't realise at the time!) who is using Stepping stones, so I have been considering getting started on that this Tuesday. I've downloaded the podcast and also the ones for Speed and Stamina but that one seems to come first. Alternatively, I will run W9 again for a week or so to push myself just a bit more towards feeling 100% with the time. Just need to get the badge and the t-shirt and I'm fully certified!!

Well done to all of you, especially those who have been running about the same time as me and supporting me through the blogs. I do feel it would have been so much harder without all of you. Cheers and keep running!!


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  • Huge congratulations janda - my fellow Sunday graduate today!! Waiting for the badge and the T-shirt as well. I'm doing speed, stamina and a 5k next week to start me off. We'll see how it goes! Enjoy the rest of your graduation day :)

  • Cheers. What shirt did you go for? Is that from completerunner.com? Thanks.

  • Yep, I went for long sleeved black with white logo. :)

  • It's got to be long sleeves now. Wasn't sure how I'd look in yellow so I guess it's got to be black for me too. Thanks.

  • Congratulations! A new world of running possibilities has opened up for you now, enjoy the next journey! :)

  • Thanks Rollertoaster. My head is abuzz at the options already.

  • Brilliant, congratulations Janda, best wishes on your next endeavours Jx

  • Wow what a fab graduation run! Wouldn't worry want you look like in the yellow top....it's all about being seen in the dark!

  • Janda - Fantastic news and congratulations.

    As a another one of the same August starters I'm equally delighted to see you qualify today and those times are fantastic, I'm no where near that quick.

    Keep posting about whatever you do next.

  • Wow - what a great time! Congratulations on your graduation, enjoy your running!

  • Congratulations - what a great achievement!

  • Woohoo, well done :) Hopefully I'll be joining you this week :)

  • Big congratulations janda and what a great time! Enjoy the feeling and look forward to getting your new green badge and showing it off....!

    I will be joining you later this week all going well.

  • Fantastic Janda-Congratulations! You are a star *! I've nailed run 1-so should be joining you on Friday. Your plan is a good one. I will cut and paste the advice from swanscot, as will help us all I think :-)

  • Here you go. This was given to pinkus, and she forwarded it onto me.

    Depending on how easy you find the Week 9 runs, initially you may wish to continue simply running for 30 mins three times a week for a week or two, with no pressure to go faster or further.

    When you're ready to move on, the 5K+ podcasts are there and are designed to be used in any order and as frequently as you wish. A few of us have found Stepping Stones to be the easiest of the three. I only used that podcast once, as I found it was not helping me progress.

    I, and several others, are spending a few weeks post-graduation doing one session using the Speed podcast, one session using Stamina and one session running to our own music, or running 'free' (with no music or other input). Sometimes I do a hill-running session in place of the intervals (Speed) session. A few sources I've read recommend only running an intervals training session once a week (it is a tough session!)

  • That's very helpful Pearsey. I have also been looking at the B210k podcasts to see if there is something for me in that. I may just do another half hour tonight and Thursday before starting on the Stepping Stones on Sunday. I'll let you know. Cheers.

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