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Graduation Run

Well I am finally here,

All those weeks ago on Week 1 Run 1, I attended my local park run, and Laura encouraged me through my first attempts at running. Obviously, at the end of the podcast I wasn't at the end of the park run but I just continued to do intervals of walking and running as my body would allow.

I am an overweight, large (18-20) lady who has never done any running before, and used to look at the people running the streets thinking they were mad.

I continued through the programme, often needing 3 or 4 days in between, partly due to having weak knees (previous cartilage problems) and working on a busy NHS ward often getting off duty very late and just not having the strength to go out for the run. One thing I did do though, was just make sure if I pur the run off one night, I would do it the next night.

The most emotional part of the journey for me, was the week when I completed the first long run (was it 20 mins) non stop, was it week 5??, I remember shedding a tear on my warm down walk, but having a massive smile on my face.

Today, was Week 9 run 3, and was a lovely park run, I still don't get the the finish line by the end of the podcast, but it is an awful lot closer than it was in the first week, and I only needed a minute walk to catch my breath, then I started jogging again.

I am currently eagerly awaiting my text with todays time, but, the time really isn't important to me, I have actually done it and I am so proud of myself. Amazingly, I find I am really loving the runniing, although my speed is so slow it is really only a jog, but I will certainly continue with this.

The next parkrun I do, I will proudly be wearing my pale blue C25K graduation t-shirt.

It has been inspirational reading all the different posts on this forum, and thanks to all that have commented and given support to myself and all others on her.

Good Luck to everyone, wherever you are on your journey. I certainly plan to continue coming to read the forums.

:) :) :)

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Well done Katee and congratulations! You should indeed be proud. Isn't it an amazing rate of progress to go from non-runner to 30 mins or more running, in so few weeks? I can't believe it myself. Wish I'd known about this years ago.

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thanks annasee x


Congratulations on your graduation :)


Congratulations on your final run.... you should be so proud of yourself, regardless of time or speed. Just think where you were at the start of this!


Fantastic katee, congratulations! Don't forget to apply for your graduate badge!


Well done Katee, a great achievement, welcome to the graduation club.


thanks everyone, I have just sent the email for my graduation badge. :)


Well done on your journey - it is a lovely feeling to really achieve a 5km in week 9 - even if more than 30 mins. Hope you time is good, keep on running.


Well done! What an achievement! You are an amazing inspiration.


Fantastic. It must be difficult shift working & everything. Congratulations. Doing the 30mins & then more - amazing. As the kids would say "Respect!"


Congratulations!! X


Fantastic, katee1958, you are very brave doing the parkrun before graduation. Well done on finishing the programme!


Thank you what brilliant encouragement. X


Congratulations on your graduation katee. A lovely post too, your journey will inspire many I'm sure. Happy running ...and enjoy the T-shirt :)


Wear that pride with a badge! Welcome to the graduate club, katee 1958. Congratulations.


Thanks Everyone :)

I've just got my time through for yesterday, I was 3 secs off my personal best, never mind.

Here is my progress times on the park run, which shows you don't have to be fast to do them:-

1st park run - 46:39 (C25K Run 1 week 1)

2nd park run - 44:35

3rd park run - 48:07 (think this might have been incorrect time, as felt like a reasonable run)

4th park run - 42:40 ( PB)

5th park run - 43:27

6th park run - 42:43 (graduation run)

Happy running to everyone x


Wow. Well done you. I didn't think parkruns were for my slow speed - but I will have a go soon. Thanks for the inspiration.


Susan22 that is the beauty of the Parkruns, they are for ALL abilities, yes there are fast people there, but also, there are people who are very slow as well. It is well worth giving it a go x


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