Wk 4 R2

Just back from run 2 , and I have to say that I enjoyed it !! Not saying that I didn't have to push myself , but as I am running I just KNOW that i would stop for a walk if I didn't have laura looking over my shoulder !!. I am really beginning to see that for me running for 30 mins could be a possibility ..........in the way off future , but i am SO going to do it !!!

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  • Well done, you will do it with a good positive attitude like that. It seems impossible to believe that running for 30 minutes is possible but even I (a very unfit couch potato) has managed to run 5k and for 33 mins and only on week 8. If you believe you will do it. Keep running

  • Thanks rolphie2 :-) .........watch this space, and well done to you !!

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