WK 4 Run 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay....... I have amazed myself!!!!!! I have just completed the first run of week 4 and I cannot believe it!!!!! I was dreading this week and dfid not have a sneak preview in case I frightened myself!!!! When I heard Laura telling me I would be running for 5 minutes my brain shut off and immediately told me there was no way I could do this andI did think about going home to ccontemplate it!!! But off I went and before I knew it I had run for the 5 mins....... When I completed the 2nd 5 main run I felt so pleased. I have to add that I found this easier than last weeks first run and I can only think that my body is getting a little used to this.

Good luck everyone for the coming week!!!!


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  • Well done and keep at it! I found week 5 hard but am now at week 7, if I can do it then you can. Listen to Laura and believe in yourself. Good luck :)

  • Yay!! That's brilliant, huge congrats! I did W4R1 a couple of days ago and has having a bit of a wobble over it, but somehow I managed the 5minutes and then it was like my legs went onto auto-pilot and I ran the rest with no trouble at all! Fantastic work :) x

  • Well done Debs!!!!? I had a real wobble last week but was surprised this was a bit easier!! I've had a bad weekend food wise and am expecting to have gained a bit back but hey it's a holiday and have started back with MFP this morning on track for the week!!!

    Keep at it we can do it !!!!

  • Well done on such a great start to week 4. You are doing brilliantly. Good luck with the next run and best wishes. Onward and upward.

  • Kabooooom!!! Seeeeeee? Told you! Your body is getting used to the exercise - and it will only get stronger. Keep it up (oooh er!) and keep posting.


  • Hey Dan thank you!!! Who would have thought it????Me, never would I have thought I could get to week 4!!!!! I know I have a good way to go yet but I feel confident I can do it!!! I hope that I get stronger as time goes on !!!

    And I will keep posting ...... It helps me get on with it !!!! Hoooooorahhhh

    Best regards

  • Yay! Well done! Great start to week 4 :-) it's such a great feeling when you complete a run that sounded scary!

  • Hi Josie Jo and Debs - sounds like we are in sync as I did my first run of week 4 today and I was really pleased how it went. This is my first post on the forum as I didn't want to start speaking to people before i saw how the first few weeks went. I haven't run since school (44 now !) and have always been very active and fit in other ways but since having twins 2 years ago I have become so unfit and tired all the time so decided to do something about it. I am also booked to do the race for life in Bedford on 15th June so that is my main goal now and pushing me to get up early 3 mornings a week before work. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and well done to every one else and would love to hear your stories and goals. My question to the forum is does anyone do stretches or other warm ups before or after the run or just what Laura says? Also I have a real problem with my in breath which is short and shallow and think it will cause problems when we need to run for longer.....any tips? Hope the next 2 runs of week 4 go as well as this morning.

  • Nelly - you'd get a lot more replies if you post your questions as a new thread - a lot more people would see it.

    I don't do any stretched pre running, just use the warm up walk but I do stretches post running to help prevent injuries. I didn't used to do them but loads of advice on this forum convinced me I really should.

  • Thanks Lemondoodle, I am getting the hang of the forum now! I am just doing what Laura says at the moment and one pilates class a week so hopefully that will keep me from any injury.

  • Yay, someone else doing this in my area. Are you anywhere near Priory Country Park? I live on the marina there. Fancy meeting for coffee? Cheers.

  • Hi Nelly sounds like you're doing really well!!!I don't do any stretches before or after but that's not to say you shouldn't!!!! I hadn't run since school and I am a similkar age and never thought I would get this far but with all the encouragement on here I so look forward to my runs. I had a big problem with my breathing when I first started to the extent I think I was trying too hard and it became an obsession!!! In the end the more I thought about it the worse I became and at one point was gasping and thinking I was suffocating!!! Then suddenly it all just seemed to work as everyone on here said it would!!! I don't even think about it now and it just works!!!!

    Good luck and keep in touch with your progress !!!

    Best regards

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