Wk 7 R2 - no Laura, still hating wk 7

After a bad R1 I ditched Laura for R2, created a playlist and did a different route. Just to say none made me feel that much better.

Why won't my legs move at the pace I want, it's like shuffling along with sacks of potato's attached to them.

Why can't I get this breathing lark sorted, I'm also developing some type of grunt sound - no where near the decibels of Maria Sharapova, but strangely it makes me feel better!!

It seriously takes me 10/15 minutes to get into any type of pace/rhythm - that I feel isn't gonna kill me.

I loved every week till I hit week 7 and something tells me week 8 & 9 9 (if I get there) are only gonna get worse. It's pure belligerence that's making me put my trainers on - no joy, no sence of achievement, all of which I had for the 1st 6 weeks.


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23 Replies

  • I feel you! I am just the same at the moment (failed to complete wk 7 r 1 on saturday so I'm not sure where I am now). Put off my run last night for minor reasons. Feeling pretty guilty about that today of course. I suppose we have to just keep going.

    Seems to be a lot of this going about from looking at others' posts. Perhaps it's a weird virus.

  • Ah ah we have a week seven virus, I hear medical professionals are confused, but they think posting on this site may help. I will test their theory tomorrow 1st thing. Did I just say that?

  • I'm right there with you both. I did W7 R3 last Thursday after work and I am convinced somebody swapped the blood in my legs for lead. And to top it all I have such a peanut bladder that I was bursting for a wee from the word go. Not a happy bunny and I ached so much that I've only started W8 today. It was still hard going but no way near as bad as last week. The support on here gets me through, we can all do it. Just look how far we've come.

    We will get there :-)

  • What can I say other than 2 things:

    1. Hats off to you for completing W7 R3

    2. If you are female think about the dreaded pelvic floor exercises

    Good luck on week 8

  • I too stuggled with the first 25min run of W6R3 at the weekend and had to stop so completely understand. I went out the next day and tackled W7R1 ok but it was tough going and thighs are still aching from it. Would love to tackle R2 tonight but not sure if I will be able to.

    It is hard on our legs and body as we are just not use to this and especially 3 times a week!! I am determined to do it though and it is still an achievement so dont give up, you have come so far! The joy will come when you are able to run for 30 mins and graduate..... good luck!

  • Hhhuuuuuummm let me think about the joy.... I'm trying, just not getting there, I think I've lost the joy cos of my 7 week virus...... but I know what you mean so it's me and the sacks of potatoes..... till the joy returns


  • I know this has been said before many time, but slow down, start off slowly, it can sometimes take 10 mins to actually get into a good pace. I found that on week 8 everything came together, the breathing, the pace and I had a few enjoyable runs.

  • I promise, I promise I do start off slow..... so slow it's embarrassing ..... so then I think about how embarrassed I am and it all goes Pete Tong...... but will live in hope of something coming together.


  • See those sacks of tatties attached to your legs? They've got holes in them. As you run, the tatties are slowly falling out... the sacks are getting lighter... so slowly, and gradually, your running is getting easier. :-)

    I may be completely potty, but in the early stages when I struggled to run for10 minutes, I used the above visualisation! Only for me the sack of tatties was tied to my belly.

    You're pushing your body to do something it hasn't done before, so it will be hard work. It's a sports training session and it's hard to keep going, Many of us only completed the programme due to utter stubbornness, But once your train your body, you will get to the stage where running for 30 minutes is easy and is fun.

  • Any chance you want to buy a sack of tatties before tomorrow, in fact I will gladly give them away free of charge, plus free delivery if you live within 500 yards of me.

    Trouble is my body used to do this and much more a couple of decades ago.... that's why I'm finding it so depressing...... I've dropped 3 stones of fat in 4 months..... so why the tatties?

    Thanks for the support I will get somewhere but not too sure where at the moment

  • So true what everyone else posted!!! Sometimes it takes quite a bit of the run to get into the pace. I was very discouraged week 6 on mentally and physically...feel free to read my blogs. Don't worry about speed or doing as well as others. This is a very personal journey for you. We can't expect to be marathon runners in just a few short weeks...it would be nice, but not possible. I just graduated and I am not anywhere near a 5K in my 30 minutes, but I went from not completing some 1 minutes to running 30 solid minutes. You are building stamina at this point, regardless of how slow you are going. BTW: You are in week 7!!! YIPPPEEEE!!!! :-)

  • Thanks but I used to be able to knock this off in no time a couple of decades ago but 2 back ops and an abdominal op last year have taken their toll. I'm not expecting to run a marathon and never will nor want, just want to be able to do what I used to do. Congrats on your graduation...... I just never knew how unfit I'd got.

    Thanks for the support and good luck with reaching 5k

  • Thought it was just me, I failed on week 7 run 1 over a week ago and not managed to get out since, half given up but keep looking on here for inspiration...you know what I'm going to try it again after work tomorrow! Just knowing that other people are in the same boat helps. Thank you. Hope you find your mojo again x

  • You know what, you will be my inspiration to get up and out tomorrow, so if you are gonna have another go so am I .... I may grunt, gasp for breath, be over taken by a snail and I may tell Laura she can't have her 25 minutes cos I did this one for nicolaclaire....see you on the other side of 25 minutes Good luck

  • Thank you! I'm there x

  • Think your pace-not anyone else's. I struggled with run 1 of week 7, but realised early on that it was my own fault as i wasn't pacing myself properly. By the time Laura said you've run for 5 minutes and set a good pace, I had. Just in from tackling run 2 and it went well. This is a marathon, not a sprint and paced for yourself and what you can mange. I run, but I don't push myself until the final minute. Laura tells you that running isn't about going fast it's about stamina and endurance. Stick to the system and it will come.

  • Week seven was hell for me, I hated every minute of those 25 min runs, but bloodymindedness got me thru and I moved onto week 8 which I found better. I've now only got my graduation run to do, so keep going and you will get there!

  • I'm with you now out of "hell zone" gawd knows what zone wk8 will take me to, good on ya for getting through. I'm not raising a glass to wk8 yet, still a bit hot up here in hell.

  • Oh my subhyst, reading all these comments makes me feel better. I can't believe how low this programme can make you feel when you hit the wall. Week 7 continues to be my nemesis but you guys make me determined to keep going and complete these runs. Good luck to you Subhyst don't give up now you are nearly there. I'm off out again tonight so we will see how long I can manage tonight!! Keep fingers crossed please.

  • Fingers and anything else are crossed for you, by the way I had a good run this a.m dedicated to nicolclaire, my next one is dedicated to you. See you on Friday after I've finished my run for you, follow and...... whatever we'll get there.

    Week 7 sucks it feels like a big wall at the beginning but there "Aint no wall high enough" we'll leave the mountains to those a lot more fitter.

  • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I didn't make it out tonight. I had my flu jab yesterday and felt quite achy and under the weather by the time I got home from work today so decided to have an extra rest day rather than risk another failure. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and be ready to climb that wall!!

    Good luck for Friday I'm sure it'll go well after your triumph today.

  • I am so pleased, in a nice way, to hear it not just me hitting the blooming wall in wk7. Admittedly I have been naughty and not taken rest days this week so did 5x25 minute runs in 6 days. Today was my 4th Wk7 run (yes, I know, wrong, but I got confused) and it was hell. I got through but offended most of my local park goes with "shouting at me" sessions and even had one chap ask if I was ok, which I ignored, saving the oxygen for my thighs instead of a polite reply. Felt I was about to faint when went from run to walk at the end and had I not been next to a tree to grab on to I imagine I would have been found flat on my back with the squirrels. That said, I recovered quickly and although aching like mad now I am rewarding myself with a rather large glass of Pinot Grigio and a promise not to put those pesky running shoes on again until Saturday when I will tackle Wk8 R1.

    I know this may sound wierd but I take enormous satisfaction from finishing a week and then deleting the podcast from from iPod. Bye bye Laura wk7!!!

  • Glad to hear you didn't end up with the squirrels - lols and I agree the deleted button is great.

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