wk 4 r2 done

W4 r2 completed - its funny but when you deliberately start off running slow… then you find you can run even slower. Still, its another one to ‘ tick’ off. Good I find to get first couple out of the way quickly with in the first three days of a week, takes ‘pressure ‘ off regarding the last of the three , then you can ‘ fit it in’ well within the week’s schedule.


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  • Speed really is not important at the moment, it is all about letting your muscles and joints adjust to the new movement. We all can do this at different paces. I am such a plodder I do not think speed will ever come my way, but I am happy with that. I was like you when I was going through the program I like to have one run floating around for the rest of the week with lots of days to choose from, I always found it made for a more positive week. Happy running.

  • OH it wasnt complaining.. I was just amazed at when you start out SLOW , you can still get slower still..

    I think whenever I have tried to ' run' before I always started off way too fast.. run out of steam.. then give up.. That's why the c25k systems works well with 'gradual targets'. Having them as either ' time' targets (as in NHS) or graded 'distance' targets (as in the original programme the NHS lifted ) which are graded to increase in difficulty.. does allow you to both achieve ' something' whilst you are building up aerobic capacity as well general muscle strengthening which always takes time.. I am well aware of both of those anyway..

  • Well done AAM.

    I am sure you are aware that you have a big couple of weeks ahead. Starting off gently is exactly what is required.

  • well I am nursing a slightly sore calf muscle at the moment.. at the end of the last run of r 2 i noticed i was ' running with a limp' , then thought , oh dear seems a calf muscle is sore.. its still a little stiff/ sore ( nothing TOO serious) but i hesitate to take on last r3 until it feels 100 % OK and certainly not venture into wk 5 territory nursing a naggling doubt..

    Might be posture ( I think i DO tend to ' bounce' on my toes a bit ) which puts too much strain on the calves..

    Might be shoes ( there are those that try and convince me that I DESPERATELY need to go to a ' runners shop' , get 'a gait analysis' done and buy a very expensive pair of shoes.. the Scotsman in me ' baulks' at it.. the Scientist in me ' queries the basis behind it' ( other than to sell more expensive shoes) and the cussed b*gger in me goes ' well if someone tries to PUSH me into something I'll resist even more!!

  • That is certainly the right/sensible approach.

    My calves always feel wound up tight a couple of hours after a run and make a point of stretching them out every day.

    Let's hope your issue is just a new runner's niggle. I had gait analysis (actually a full-blown bio-mechanical analysis) done by a physio early on after problems with my hip/knees and it certainly helped me but it is by no means certain that you need to have it done it at this stage. Rest up and see how it goes next time, if it becomes a recurring issue then GA is something to consider.

  • oh its the first time I've really felt anything after the event!

  • Get gait analysis you know you want to

  • Ohhh jj deep down I do.. You know me so well, I lie in bed at night walking in my sleep dreaming of having my 'gait' analysed.. No wait a sec that's my dreams analysed

  • Well done..


  • thanks Fran

  • Haha I find the perfect posture always slows my speed by half! 😁 instead of throwing myself forward😉 I like to run without any breaks but fear injury so have disciplined myself to rub every other day. I still prefer to run everyday though and find my motivation dwindles after a day off. Anyway mate well done, like you say that's another run ticked off the tedious list! 😁

  • That's run not rub! Lol😂

  • Too late Luna... I've just signed up for a rub every day...

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