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Laura got dumped again!!!!!!! I did 5K

Wk9 R1 - boredom loomed so I ditched Laura again yesterday.

I decided that just adding 2 minutes was not enough for me, this has been about the distance. its not called C2 30 minutes, so yesterday was the day I was going to jog 5k regardless of the time (which turned out to be 41 minutes). I already had my route mapped ( 5.36k loop.

Off I set in the disappearing fog,my own music, no Laura, did 5 minute warm up and nothing, absolutely nothing was going to stop me and it was great.

My 1st 5K in 20 + years!!!

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Well done subhyst, reaching 5k is an amazing feeling isn't it?! :) Sounds like you really enjoyed it.

(I ditched Laura too after week 7 run 1, couldn't stand the music!)

Good luck for your final 2 runs :)


Great stuff, subhyst! Graduation here you come! You say first 5k in 20+ years, I don't think I've ever run a 5k before I started this programme! Now I'm running them for fun (slight exaggeration there - still on a high from this morning's run!). Good luck!


Well done subhyst! What a feeling, what an achievement! Good luck with your next run keep up the good work.


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