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I did 5k!!!!

Wasnt feeling up to a 5am run this morning but dragged myself out of bed. The dog decided he wasnt up for it either and did his fantastic impression of being asleep (he really needs to learn to close both eyes :-) ) so I was out on my own.

A fantastic morning for a run with the sun shining and the temperature still quite cool so off I set, runkeeper activated together with my own tunes again (sorry Laura).

5 minutes in and I was thinking I should have stayed with the dog. I was struggling as I normally do but was very pleasantly susrprised to hear run keeper chime out that I had completed 1.04km.

Breathing and stride normally kick in roundabout 8 minutes but it didnt seem to happen today and I really had to concentrate on getting my breathing right. Once I did that, I may have hit the elusive 'zone' as the time seemed to fly by.

That was until after runkeepers 20 minute check in when I seemed to hit the wall. Last 4 minutes or so seemed to last forever but I crossed my mental finishing line (gate to the park) and runkeeper followed up a little bit behind and told me that I had managed 5.03km :D

Exceeding elated I walked home to be faced by a dog who really needed to go out.

Feels great to have hit the 5k. Only 7 more runs to go.

Happy run or rest day fellow C25Kers.

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well done. Not long now. Part of me wishes I'd left the dog at home today


He normally enjoys it and runs rings around me but I guess we are all entitled to a day off!


Fantastic achievement and congratulations on reaching the 5k goal :)


Thanks Paul

Reply are speedy...very impressive, well done :)


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