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C25k on fast track!

Well still on my return to getting back to 5k. So maybe not recommended but last sunday did wk1 and wk2 runs together back to back, followed by wk2/wk3 on Tuesday and wk3 twice on Friday and wk3/4 on sunday, but just couldnt manage the last 2 minutes of the last 5 minute run! Which I supposed showed I overdid it. So tonight I just did wk4 and nailed it! Overall I cant believe that I lost all my stamina (and had real problems breathing) etc whilst being off with my dodgy knees, which are holding up fine. So I think that doing the 2 runs may have challenged me but increased my stamina again-but cant see me doing any more at this level. plan to do wk5 next and still dread the 20 minute run looming ahead....

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How long were you off running with your knees? I am having knee problems at the moment and wondering how long I should rest them for.


I suppose everyones different and depends on what you have with your knees. My felt like tight band underneath the front of the kneecap. I first thought I could run it off-which made it worse so I rested for a couple of weeks. Then tried again and it still niggled,so rested them for nearly a month. But have been fine since with my knees-but stamina and breathing Im building up again. Better even this evening. Good luck-but trying to run the pain off did not work for me.


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