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I'm back - ignorance is bliss

Spent weeks messing about with wk1 cos of social life and kept repeating at least 2 wk 1 runs. So bit the bullet on Sunday and did wk2 run1 and felt OK.

Tonight completed 3rd run of week 2, so I'm guessing that's me done for Week 2.

So on to wk3 run1 on Saturday. Question is - Is it correct to leave 1 days rest before going on to the next week, even though the time span is less than a week i.e Sunday to Saturday.

The ignorance bit, I have no idea about wk 3/4/5 etc and don't want to know, I'd rather just listen to what Laura has in store for me than worrying about it.

So I have no idea how long I'm meant to be jogging (if that's what you can call it) for on Saturday, please don't tell me, but should I be leaving it till Sunday as that will be a week since I started wk 2.

good luck to everyone, we have to keep going.

P.S Off on holiday next Friday, so plan to repeat week 3 when I return 1 week later, is that the best way to do it.

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Hi, Subhyst. Yes, it's fine to just leave one day's rest in between runs so that rather than 6 runs per fortnight you'll do 7. I did this from week 3 to week 7 but then went back to having a 2 day break at sme point in the 7 days.

I won't tell you what's in store. I sneak peeked once or twice and it didn't help. Much better to just enjoy the runs as they come.

Well done for getting on to W3, good luck with the programme.


Thanks - I'll see how it goes, and yes no peeking for me although I'm sure I'll hear about it.


Do three runs a week, its a nine week plan. It seemed to work well that way for me. Good luck


I think you just do what feels right and fits your lifestyle. Great work so far... Don't forget that running shoes are extremely portable :-)


I thought my trainers would take me over baggage allowance. Lol.

I think I'd never manage this in the heat so plan to swim instead


I do every other day. Only twice broke that rule. Once when I hurt my knee and once with a hangover. I find it ok, but working on a 6 day week instead of a 7 day one means I'm flying through the programme.


You must leave a day between jogging/running subhyst. The reason for this is that your body is still working while you aren't and to give your muscles recovery time. So start week 3 Sunday :-)


But you can still leave a day in between and do what subhyst is suggesting. Run on Sun, Tue, Thur. If you stick to an exact week you then have two days rest and start week 3 on Sun. What subhyst is asking is can they just leave one day and start on Sat: Friday will still have been a rest day.


Someone was asking re special underwear. I think that you were referring to sport bra's, rather then nics. I have just purchased some comfort bra's and they are what they say-comfort. I was most fortunate in that I obtained discount through Groupon, so bought two packs of 3. Well worth it I think. I did my first run yesterday in an ordinary bra, and it was so distracting having to keep yanking the bra straps up from my arm, and was restricting too. So anyone thinking about it buy comfort bra's.


yes of course-just have to remember to leave one day. If you don't want a two day break, then just carry on-you will finish the coursework earlier too that way.


Completed week 1 2nd run an hour ago. Found it easier than first time out-recovery time shortened, so by the time next run was announced i had my breath back. My little old knees are still suffering, but not as badly. I took all the advice given and concentrated on my feet and where I was placing them-heel toe-and making my legs work. I think I managed to jog a little faster, and didn't look like a duck on the final run, although I faltered, but made up for that at the end. Not so sure that I will be able to move onto week 2 when it comes to it, but I will have a bash and see. Hubby wants to come with me on Monday for week 1 final run (?). I have told him he can come, but I will be doing my own thing and concentrating on it. It may be beneficial in that I know someone is watching me :-).

new comfort bra's excellent-I wasn't distracted by drooping bra straps.


Well done you, I found 2nd run in wk 1 easier to, good on you for having company, I couldn't contemplate it at the moment, Laura's enough for me.


Hi All

thanks for the advice, I've just done wk3 run1 today, I didn't enjoy it, I'm including these sessions as part of my power walking, the session was followed by 1 1/2 hours fast walking, but don't think I can keep it up, so may have to power walk on days I'm not doing this.

As it gets harder I think I may end up sticking to the 3 sessions per week. We'll see.

But, I WILL FINISH WEEK 3 by Thursday and then fly off on hols Friday.

Thanks again


Stick to the 3 sessions a week for now subhyst. It seems that you are doing to much?? If you are not enjoying it, then time to revise. 1 1/2h fast walking seems a lot to me following week 3, until you get used to it. Do the powerwalking on the days you are not on the programme. Either way you need to be enjoying, not dreading the sessions.

We are going for a walk later on-not a powerwalk or fast walk, just walking (will help me visualise whether Richard coming with me is a good idea or not). Tomorrow we will walk faster and further.

Good you are having a holiday-time to reflect and decide whether to stick to your plan or just the programme when you come back. Have a fantastic time, wherever you are going:-)


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