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I really feel out of the loop. I have continued with the Speed podcasts midweek and now done a second Stamina run on the Sunday. But I am still finding the beat hard to get at times. Still I have been enjoying the workout I get from both. The Speed is short and tough, the Stamina is, as you'd expect, a real slog with a faster burst at the end. I usually feel I've done a proper workout with the Speednrun, even if it only adds up to 16 minutes total running. The Stamina is still a push and the fast finish hasn't happened yet!! I felt it was a bit of a struggle once I got to that last five minutes so I knew it wasn't going to be easy to pick up the speed after working a fast-ish, solid 30 minutes after the initial moderate 10 minutes. I said to myself that I felt the need to get back to doing some longer runs midweek, so I'm thinking of a 30 minute run tomorrow, but which podcast and what route? Around 19 hours to make my mind up, so I'd better get some sleep first.

Big problem is a technical one. I got a new phone and so have tried to get my HTC Desire to run Endomondo to track my runs and pick up the wireless network indoors. It hhas done a few crazy things since then. I got my third kilometre in 4 minutes 20-something seconds (not) on a Speed run. I did my first k in over 13 minutes (really) on a Stamina run and last night it missed the first five minutes or so. Totally messing up my logged runs. I know I can probably do a manual edit but I'd rather the thing just worked. I will ask in the questions section to see if I can find someone who knows about these things.

Anyway, I'm back. Hope the running is going well for you too. Keep it up. (Oh, and despite the weather, I have still only had one wet run since I started the programme 15 weeks ago.

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Well done on dodging the rain. Why not... why not.... run naked! I mean, of course, without any music or tracking or anything. Just map a route which is circa 5k and then do it. Just a thought.


Hey!! Iv got a HTC sensation using Runkeeper app. That might work better on your phone xx

Ps. The spam person is getting on my nerves... Spam person no one cares stop posting in this forum!!


I too use an HTC and Runkeeper. I've used it for cycling, hill walking and at the moment for c25k. The only problem I've had is occasionally dropping the gps signal, but that's only if I'm in a wood or somewhere else where the sky isn't visible. Is recommend the app. Good luck :-)


I use Garmin Fit app on my HTC Desire HD.


Hi Janda,

I can't help on the technical question, but it sounds like you're on a similar running level to me. I've done speed several times (I like that one) and Stamina just once (killer). So my suggestion is.... Stepping Stones. Having not liked SS the first time I did it (150bpm slow and hard to keep to) I've kind of relaxed into it now and I find it a useful "consolidation" workout. I've only graduated 2-3 weeks (less than you I think) but my current strategy is SS and Speed for weekday runs and Stamina once over the weekend. I'm hoping that with SS and Speed I'll maintain/increase general fitness and Stamina is then the bigger challenge. I did finish it last time (somehow even that last burst) but was disappointed only to do 4.93km - I was really looking for that 5k. However, with this program I think I'll hit 5k fairly soon even if I have to add a minute or two.

Let us know what you decide and how it goes!

Ann (T&F)


Hi Janda, Great stuff! A word of warning though-speed shouldn't be run more than once a week, because of its intensity. I love that pod too, but have heeded the advice given out to me about it. I found the stamina grueling and ricked my knee avoiding a rushing dog-so out 3 weeks. I saw my osteopath, as the way I am walking affected my back too, and apparently I've torn a ligament, so will be a while before I'm back. Weight is stable-not increase, so pleased with that aspect.

Shame about the new phone. I've an ipod, so no knowledge re the techy side of your phone. I had this happen with the ipod a few times though.

Good luck with your current programme-enjoy!

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Hi Colette,

Sorry to hear about your injury - I can promise you it was SO cold out there this morning (makes a change from wet though) I wondered about my own sanity!

I hope you're back running soon but do take it easy (not that it's an easy time of year to be relatively immobile) and rest that ligament! I don't know much about them but have heard that you do have to rest. What a pain (in most ways!).

I saw that advice not to do speed more than once in a week. Don't know how "official" it is or what the danger is. I haven't found speed a particularly difficult run so far - probably easier than SS and definitely easier than Stamina. I did it twice last week (before I saw the advice, tut tut) - no ill effects and I lost 3 lbs but maybe I was lucky. I'm only doing it once a week in my "new" plan though.

Back to work now....

keep on resting for now!

Ann x


Yes Ann-official-no more than once a week. My osteopath reinforced this, as apparently a lot going on with this interval running that carries on for some time afterwards.

Yes, I will try to keep on resting-not too easy for me, as I'm a get up and go person, but I'm really trying :-).

Colette xx


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