Slow and steady

I will definitely not be getting any sort of medal for fastest times, but I completed my first park run this morning!

The weather was gorgeous - bright sunshine, blue skies and some frost, temperature about 4 degrees centigrade.

People were friendly but FAST! Oh my life as soon as the race guy said "go" everyone just bolted off and I was left right at the back as the rest of the pack became tinier and tinier specks ahead of me! I really enjoyed it though and just took it at my own pace, without headphones.

It was a great experience (I remained at the back throughout!), and now that I know I can go the distance, I'm ready to start on my speed, so I'm simultaneously downloading the c25k+ podcasts as I type.

I'll update later with my time (eek!).

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  • Well done you, you should be very proud of yourself! Glad you enjoyed it, its a brilliant concept.

  • Well done on completing your first park run! Don't think of it as slow, think of it as setting a benchmark for the future :-)

    Happy running

  • Well done! I love getting my text with my time!!!

  • UPDATE: 31.02 minutes!!!! How did i run so fast?! Delighted - definitely a double celebration! :)

  • Brilliant time. Well done. Your Parkrun must be really fast if you were at the back with so good a time. We always have people over 40 minutes.

  • Yes, the slowest time was 34 minutes which scared me a bit! :-S

  • WOW! That's a great time! I'm quite intimidated by the idea of doing a Parkrun or in fact any situation that involves running en masse. I guess I still feel a bit of a running fraud and that I'll get caught out! What a great few days running for you!

  • Thanks Rollertoaster! I definitely didn't run en masse, as the masse sped past me and I was at the back with 3 - 4 other runners. If you have a local one near you, why not go some week for a nosey to see what it's about, without joining in? You are most definitely not a running fraud - you ran 5k in 35 mins! :)

  • WOW!!! Congratulations on finishing and extra congratulations on that time!!!! That is an incredible start to your running resume!!! I am absolutely tickled and very proud of you!!! Great job!!!

    Look at you...a RUNNER!!!!!! :-)

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