Slow and steady?

When I started the plan I was running a bit faster than I am now, but whether or not it was the right thing to do, when the 8 min runs came up I stepped back a bit and now run at 5mph. Thing is I figured I'd up it a bit on the runs with blocks of running and walking. Thing is I'm on wk7r2 (and coping) and obviously that's not going to happen with all the long what do I do, not worry about the it very slow? Or try to up my game a bit, I'm a beginner in every sense in the world of running, I'd like to loose weight (which is slooow) shape up (I can see a difference already!) But mainly get fitter and build my stamina. What do you think?


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  • Well I have only just graduated and I feel it is your decision. I decided that running was a long term thing so there was no need to try to cram everything in at once. I decided to focus on time running and building that up as the programme says. I feel that I can work on time later. Even now a few weeks on I am working on running 5k, which is taking me about 36 minutes. I figure now I can run the 5 k I will think about working between building up speed and lengthening the run too. Just enjoy!!!!!

  • Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so.

    Ford Prefect would probably advise that you concentrate on the programme for now. The speed will come. Enjoy the view.

  • Run at a pace that you can sustain. For me that has always been defined by my ability to breathe easily. If I am really puffing, I know that I can't keep it up for long, so ease back the pace. You are doing well and your speed is good, so don't get hung up on it. The programme builds your stamina gradually and if you are like me, you will find that you naturally get faster and your endurance extends as you get more miles on the clock. The pros use negative splits, which, simplistically, means running the second half of your run faster than the first half. The logic is that you need to get your breathing sorted, joints lubricated and brain in the right place before you can run hard. It is difficult to achieve but makes sense, especially the psychological boost that comes from being able to push hard for a sprint finish instead of staggering over your finish line. Bear it in mind as you undertake your next few runs and tell us how you get on.

    Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I suppose it's down to what you want to achieve from the c25k. If you want to try and cover the distance of 5k by w9r3, then you'll need to up your pace as you'll need to be running at 10km/h for 30 minutes. This is my goal and I've just ran r1of w9 tonight.

    If, on the other hand, you just want to be able to run continuously for 30 minutes and work on reaching 5k after completing the c25k, then just carry on as you are. After all, 5mph isn't a bad pace :) Good luck in what ever you chose to do.

  • personally I don't worry about speed, which is just as well as it takes me 50 minutes to

    "run " 5k !! I think my speed will increase gradually and if it doesnt, well that's fine, I will still enjoy it. You may decide to try and speed up, but if I were you Id concentrate on graduating then work on it, this was advice I was given , good luck Faith

  • Thank you, thank you! What a lovely lot! I think I'll keep going the way I know, until I finish the plan and then take on from there.

  • I started to get a bit caught up on speed (or lack of it), but my OH (who runs 5km in 20mins) keeps saying to me "It will come, and if it doesn't, so what?". Simply being able to run for 30 minutes or so is a massive achievement in itself, so I've decided to concentrate on trying to increase my distance slightly instead (I'm running about 3km ish at the moment). In 8 weeks my speed has gone from about 6.3km/h to around 7km/h (ish) anyway, so I know something's working! I'm pretty certain at one point last week I was so slow I was going backwards, which I actually had enough energy left at the end to giggle at :-)

  • My focus has been on keeping going. I'm not worrying how quickly I'm running. It's enough for me to run for 25 minutes! I figure once I graduate and running for 30 minutes is a breeze, then I can up my speed. Frankly I'm bloody chuffed as it is; I don't feel the need to go any quicker.

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