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Slow and steady!

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I did my first run on July 12th this year. Then had bad knees and couldnt run for a couple of weeks. Thought it was all over and I would have to stop. Then started doing strengthening exercises every other day and taking supplements... started running again and struggled so much. Felt like I would never ever be able to run more than 3 minutes without collapsing. Kept going kept feeling like I just couldn't t do it. Then in Sept I did my back in doing the plank. Had to rest from running for a few weeks as was in so much pain. Then when I started again I found it so hard. I thought I was going to have to give up but I kept on and on and eventually in November I ran for 15 mins one eve and I was shocked! Kept on and tonight I ran for 30 mins non stop. Still in shock.. wasn't even out of breath.. this programme really works if u stick at it and look after your body and take breaks if u need to. So 5 months after I started its looking like I am going to graduate before Christmas and it's going to be the best and most surprising present of my life..... 56 years old was overweight hated exercise was a couch potato who had never run before ever and had dodgy knees. If I can do this anyone can!!

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Good for you!!! How many of your real life friends, relatives, work buddies can run for 30 minutes??? You have every right to be proud of what you have done ! -- now to keep it up "forever" :) Take it slow and easy, consolidate and build those muscles.

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The best post I have read today, I just love your tenacity

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Jules2246Graduate in reply to rolysmate

It's more desperation to lose weight than tenacity!! 😉

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rolysmateGraduate in reply to Jules2246

I don't believe that for one moment, so many occasions when it would have been so easy to say enoughs enough but no, you picked yourself up and got back at it

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Jules2246Graduate in reply to rolysmate

I'm not a quitter by nature!

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A brilliant post, with a very healthy sprinkling of determination, tenacity, motivation and achievement. Well done. 8-)

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Well done you! That's brilliant😊

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Brilliant: well done you.

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Well done you! Talk about determined I’m not at all surprised you can now run for 30 minutes! It doesn’t sound like anything is going to get in your way! 😃😃

Well done !

I have to admit I have felt a little like you .

Congratulations :-)

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