slow and steady

I am on wk 3, cant tell you what run as I have to repeat more than 3 times, I have really struggled to get this far and didnt think I could run any slower but guess what I can and it helps. Dont get me wrong I was not sprinting along out there more dragging myself along at a snails pace but just by dropping back a little I have found I can complete the whole session, dread to think what I look like and I am sure people can walk faster than I run but I am running and getting a little bit further evey time, if I can do it anyone can. By the way I am 46, 2 stone overweight and have not excercised since school a long time ago. So proud of myself


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  • You should be proud! I am the same age as you & was 2.5 stones over weight when I started. I too run at a snails pace, but it really doesnt matter. I ran for 20 mins (W5R3) last night very slowly but I did run all the way. I think the point at this stage is all about building your stamina, not pace. My daughter, who's 11, was with me and her fast walk kept up with my "running".

  • well done it is hard sometimes to get into it but you are doing it at your pace and that is all that matters.

    Know what you mean about snailpace too my snail companion left me today saying he could do better without me ;-) I have one run (shuffle) until I graduate and belive me it took a long time to realise I could do this.

  • Thank you, its so nice to hear from others in the same boat, I run alone so have no one to compare myself too not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing but it suits me

  • As long as you're moving, it's all good. A friend of mine literally can't run because of a old rib injury, so he's going to do a slow walk and speed it up to a faster walk during the run times. It's all about playing to your own strengths and abilities.

  • missymil, just keep to your own pace, but keep going! A couple of times I've had to slow right down in order to continue.

    Sometimes the music makes you want to go faster, but listen to your body and your breathing, and adjust your pace accordingly.

    Keep The Faith!

  • Well done on getting through - you're doing great! The good thing about this programme is that everyone can go at their own pace and speed - there's no pressure. I run alone too, I'm 52 and could lose the flab, but I'm running and feeling so much happier about myself. I came home from my run today with a face the colour of fresh raspberries and just didn't care! Enjoy the rest of the plan and good luck.

  • Just wanted to add - we may physically run alone but all of us on this blogsite are in it together and the support and encouragement is amazing, isn't it?

  • I am 47 and two stone overweight, i struggled with the first 3 weeks, could not finish a 3 minute run, but like you slowed it right down than managed week 4! we all think we run slow but the important thing is to complete the minutes. running slowly is faster than walking and you will get fitter over time, i have received lots of comments about how my body shape has changed, thats such a great feeling so slow is the way forward

  • At the start I was going sooo slow that when it came to the walking breaks I actually felt my walk was faster. I was proven right as it took me ages to pass a man walking with his dog, and after 3 minutes of running I started the walk session and looked over my shoulder and there was the man! about 50 mtrs away.... Do you think he ran when I wasn't looking? Wk 8 now and definetly running quicker, further and with a bit more breath in my lungs, I still throw in a couple of slow jogs when my breathng goes to pot.. Keep up the good work we are all getting there...

  • Thank you again everyone, feeling really positive about my run in the morning, going to keep my speed??? down and change my route, I am becoming fedup with looking at the same scenary and knowing roughly when I will walk and when I will run. Anyone who has read my other posts will know I am struggling with the longer sequences on grass, so I have devised a route through the woods which is where I run best, there is something about hearing my footsteps thats comforting. Thanks again for your support

  • You go girlfriend! you should be proud, I run so slowly (unless it's downhill) but ~I don't care, I'm still running and so are you, Keep it up :)

  • whoop whoop did the whole podcast today, even ran for a extra 10secs on the last 3 min session, running in the woods on a harder surface def. helped, grass is good but not for me at the moment, will be smiling all day today, even came home and blew up a dozen balloons for my Sons birthday , thanks for all the support

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