Graduated whooohoo

Well i only went and finished the programme. I have to say i didn't feel like it even though the sun was shinning and there was a nice breeze. However i have got to this stage so was not going to give up now.

Off i went with my newly programmed playlist which was the only part i was looking forward to. 5 min walk done, 3rd song into the run and it felt quite lonely not having Laura tell me, how well as was doing and how long I had run for, even though at times throughout the programme i was not always kind to her. It was quite a bizarre feeling. I must be a really needy person who needs someone to chivvy them along. I was not enjoying it and i was out of breath and could quite easily quit.

After a severe taking to the negative side of my brain at how far i had come and that i was going to finish if not for myself but for Laura and my own self esteem. Imagine returning home to say i didn't do it. To a husband who runs and did a 10k last week just to keep his hand in.

So here i am back and feeling fab I DID IT

Now how do i get my badge??

Have a good weekend everyone

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  • Congrats, newstart. We've just done ours too. I messaged JR21 so hoped that was the right thing to do. What are you planning to do now? I haven't decided yet, probably some of the 5k+ podcasts - I'll have to listen to them. I didn't think I'd get this far so haven't thought about it, didn't want to jinx myself!

  • Congratulations! I graduated today too. What a great feeling it is! I'm going to savour this feeling for as long as possible! :)

  • Congratulations newstart. You must be feeling really chuffed with yourself?:-) And Rollertoaster too-well done to both of you :-)

  • Well done! wear your badge with pride. :)

  • Congratulations! And especially well done because you didn't really want to get out there - what a reward!

  • Congratulations, you should feel very proud of yourself. You're now allowed to loll on the couch and enjoy the moment! Will be looking out for that shiny badge!