Hi all, well week 4 run 2 complete , so didn't want to go today , legs were still aching from Wednesday but I went and did it. I don't often praise myself but im delighted at how positive Im feeling right now. My only disappointment is the scales don't seem to be moving even though i'm following a healthy eating programme too. Anybody any idea's why i'm not loosing? i'm 54 year old lady on HRT!!!!


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  • Well done for getting out there.

    Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% excercise but if you have the diet right is your body shape changing? If it is it could be that you are losing fat and gaining muscle (muscle is heavier than fat)

  • thanks for that, just going to keep going feeling better about myself, more positive x

  • Possibly you're building muscle - it's WAY heavier than fat and can take a while for the scales to move (in my experience). Stick with it and your clothes will probably feel loser and you'll tone up and then the scales will move! And as BobP said: well done for getting out there...

  • Hi vivdaly50 well done on the running, particularly getting out there when you don't really feel like it!

    On the weight loss, I hope you don't mind me sharing something that's working for me. I've lost nearly 2 stone, dropped 3 sizes and got a waist back by not counting calories at all, eating plenty of protein (red meat, chicken, fish etc), salad and veg, cutting carbohydrate and having a handful of nuts for snacks. I still have a few drinks at the weekend and don't feel deprived or hungry ever and it's not a diet 😊

    I hope that helps, good luck with the healthy eating!

  • If you don't mind me asking... How old are you?

  • I don't mind at all Bbunch , I've just been running a tombola at the local fete this afternoon 😀

    I'm 51 and just starting my menopause. I don't take HRT (yet 😊) so I don't know what affect it has on weight loss, I still have a stone to lose but I'm cautious of losing too much as it's easy to look gaunt when you're older (!)

  • Thanks for thank will give it a try , and well done to you .

  • I am a couple of years older than you and a couple of weeks ahead (along with a few injury stops and starts) I am definitely noticing a change in body shape and very small reductions on the scales. I'm also finding that running is replacing the urge to over eat or to eat badly because I'm feeling better in my skin! My diet wasn't too bad but I was eating the same as my over 6' partner! Might be worth checking your portion size just in case? I'm also finding that I'm not aching and wondering if that's because I've come out the other side of the menopause or maybe my running style has relaxed but that's for another thread!

  • Well done! Keep at it and you'll see a change in body shape.

  • im into wk5 and havent lost an ounce, ive been eating very carefully too, dont know why ive not lost, we just have to keep on going and hope it will shift soon,well done to you, dont give up

  • Thank you , well done to you too . We can do this!!!

  • I ve just completed the programme and not lost a pound even though I need to but my body shape has changed and I am much fitter with a quicker recovery time. I ve started HRT in the last month and am thinking that not putting on is just a bonus

  • I graduated at the end of May and haven't lost a bloody pound!!!! I try to have a fairly low carb diet and run a minimum of 2 times a week about 4k and also have started yoga which is alot harder than I expected! I'm 52 and about 3 stone overweight. I do feel alot fitter but wish the weight would shift☹ Going on holiday in 4 weeks gonna really try, uping the runs and cut portion sizes and alcohol 🍷 Let you all know👌 xxx

  • I'm 44. I didn't lose any weight while I was doing the programme either. But I am now because I have started dieting.

    I'm sure it helps that I am running 120 minutes per week - but the main reason for my weight loss is that I am sticking to a low calorie intake. It works very well, but it is tough sometimes.

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