Graduated LAST week - Ran 1st 5k THIS week!

I graduated last Monday, and have been experimenting with 5k+ podcasts since, and yesterday was able to run the magic 5k. Did it in 35mins 40secs to be exact! Still a struggle though. Was on a treadmill with a 5k setting so I just went for it. Actually it's a wonder it happened at all, I wasn't feeling very optimistic about it. I was planning to use the stamina podcast but just discovered my MP3 player had given up the ghost :( so wasn't able to listen to Laura, and I've Sooooo depended on her for all my runs, and my new earphones won't stay in my ears properly! They keep popping out as I get hotter and sweatier! Most frustrating, anybody else have this problem BTW? Anyway I decided to take the plunge without Laura and ended up half listening/watching the tv programme on the gym wall instead, Pointless it was, (the tv programme not the running!) and finally made the distance I've been striving for all these weeks, most satisfying! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the motivation with or without Laura and really start to enjoy it! :)


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  • Superbly done, winifast!! Isn't it a magical moment when you finally complete 5K? Simply wonderful, you!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Yes, very magical!

  • For the earphone problem, have you tried a pair of earbuds? They look like this:

    Regular earphones won't stay in my ears just sitting down, I'd dread to think how far I'd get whilst running!

    Good work! :)

  • Yes, the ones I'm using are like those, except they're sports design, fit over the ears - didn't know they were called earbuds though! Perhaps I've got odd shapes ears or something, cos they're not staying put. I might have to buy some that just hang down, like the ones in the image.

    Thanks for the info,


  • Well done, a wonderful achievement :-P

  • Thank you, your support is much appreciated.

    Alyson :)

  • No problem!

    Re the earphones/buds thing - I have earphones that tuck over the ears and they always stay in! Similar to this but cheaper!

    My friend has trouble so she wears a hairband over her ears that keeps the earbuds in.


  • The hairband idea sound very good, so simple! I'll give that a try first, but if that doesn't work I might have to dig deep in my pockets and buy some decent ones, like the ones at amazon, or, better still, drop some heavy hints for a Christmas present!


  • Yes mine were courtesy of secret santa last year! The grown ups in our family do secret santa instead of buying 16 grown up pressies so we all get one "big" pressie and lots of childish fun out of it! I ended up with a stocking full of fab gifts - including several running related - and I had only just started C25K at that point!. I guessed my marathon running big sis was behind my lovely gifts.

  • well done you. I have the same ear problems but have not plucked up the courage to wear a headband yet - it's taken me all my reserves of courage to don lycra tights in public, a head band still seems a step too far :-)

  • I know what you mean, but I don't take any notice of what people might think. When I get off the treadmill, my face is bright red, hair is plastered to my head, and I'm dripping with sweat. I'm sure they think I'm about to collapse!

  • Well done. Can't wait for my 5k moment. By the way the headphones I use are the ones that are an all in one firm plastic head-sized loop that has the ear piece on each end. It just fits round the back of your head and the ear piece stays firmly in your ear. Seriously, they don't budge. They were these orange ones from Aldi and I have to say they are brilliant and sound quality is perfect, despite the price! Wish I'd bought two!

    They don't have them in Aldi now but you can get similar ones from Amazon.

  • Thanks for that, they look like they would do the job, the ones I have don't have the rigid head loop. I'll have to have a look around. Shame Aldi still don't have them, what a great price!

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