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Autumn at last

So Autumn has finally arrived in Italy and I did my first run ever in light rain today -- although it's still pretty warm at 15 degrees. It's OK, the drizzle keeps you cool and the post-run shower is fabulous!

Ran round the nearest lake, loved running through the ducks and swans who seem totally unperturbed by me -- I was also alone as Italians don't do rain ;-) apart from a few old guys picking chestnuts so a tad scary and as I said before, I feel a bit cheaty as I could go a week higher, but I'm a firm believer in perfection, so I want to recover my best stamina!

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Glad to hear you're getting back into your running and on the mend. Your runs sound so lovely over there!


Sounds idyllic, Deliaitaly, and much nicer than our rather cold, dreich days here! Glad to hear you're on the mend after your injury. Good luck.


Hi Deliaitaly.

i am so jealous ! I am Italian and lived in italy ( near lake of Como) till last February then moved to Dubai for work but I miss Italy so much specially the view from my balcony of the Resegone and Grigna ! I love Autumn with the hunting for mushrooms and chestnuts !

Wednesday was my birthday and it was a sad one as i missed all you can enjoy ! Do not give it for granted ! Lot of love Sonia


I've lived here for over 30 years, and now is not a good moment for Italy. I'm lucky I guess as I belong to the two nicest countries in the world, Italy and England! xox Delia


Tell me about it !

I went back to italy after 15 years in Dubai with the hope to find a job but despite my vaste experience and 3 languages spoken I did not find anything.

So, after 15 months Graham ( my partner) and I went back to Dubai.


Tell ME about it. My husband Pippo works in the UK ;-)


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