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Last run!

So here we are -- me & Laura. It's been grand, building our relationship slowly with time. In the early days, I confess that I was a tad hostile. She was always so chipper, even when I was completely knackered. I must admit that I wasn't above cursing at her every now and then at the start.

After awhile, however, we developed an understanding. We got to know each other and, as we did, we got to like each other. Well, I got to like her. Not sure what she thinks. Still, it's been good.

Yet, after all that, here we are at the end of our road. Today is the day for Week 9 Run 3. The end of an era. The only thing that I'm waiting for is the rain to stop, as I would prefer not to go out in this downpour. I will, though, if it continues. I'm not going to let Laura down, and I'm not going to let myself down, either. We've been a pretty good team, and I mean to finish what we started.

Seriously, folks, all humour aside, this really is it! This evening, I tackle the last run of the programme -- Week 9 Run 3. I would rather not get drenched, but if that's what it takes, so be it. I'm not going to let a little rain stop me. Or a lot of rain, which is what we have now.

It's been amazing watching my progress develop over the past nine weeks. I started my Couch to 5K on Friday August 24th (at the start of the bank holiday weekend). Now I'm nearly there.

I will comment on this entry later, once I am done, to report in... and, of course, to request my "GRADUATE" banner! Then it is on to future goals, like bringing up my speed, attempting the 5K+ podcasts, and starting to work my way up to 10k.

Stay tuned, gentle readers...

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Good luck! love the post :-)


Hee hee! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

The rain has just eased up, so I'm heading out now. Back in about an hour or so to proclaim victory... and graduation! Hooray!


And that's Week 9 -- done and dusted! Wahoo! I am now a Couch To 5K graduate!!


Very well done! And Laura's not going to leave you, there's still stamina, stepping stones and speed for you to go out with together. Here's to a lasting relationship. :)


An excellent point!

After some consideration last night (following some basking in the thrill of being a new graduate, of course), I decided that I am going to re-do Week 9, just to consolidate all the work I have put in. It won't be more time, but perhaps I can squeeze out a bit of distance by upping the pace a little. So there's some more quality time spent with Laura.

Following that, I believe it will be time to take your suggestion and move on to the triple "S" -- Stamina, Speed, and Stepping stone (quadruple "S"?). Looks like Laura and I have a very bright future ahead of us, after all! :-)


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