Graduated at last!

Well, I've had lots of weeks off and I've not counted how many it is, but certainly many more than 9, largely due to holidays, family and laziness, but at last I have graduated!

It didn't really sink in last night as I was on a downer - had a crap day at work, had wanted to run outside but it was torrential rain so had to head to the small staff gym and do it in front of colleagues, found a hole in my leggings (right in the backside of course) and so had to wear the top I had brought to wear afterwards which was skimpy but covered said backside (and the ever expanding hole), my speed went from slow to slower, had words with the other half since he had had a crap day as well ... but after all the whinging, I did it!

Now I am in a more positive mood and feel very pleased with myself, and I am smiling as I type this! Thanks to everyone who blogs for being so supportive, I am a bit of a lurker, but have had lots of support over the long weeks.

Now to improving speed ... I will get to 5k one day! But first off to the beer festival tonight to celebrate my success :)


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29 Replies

  • Well done for graduating! Enjoy those beers later!

  • Thank you, Sarah! It's just sinking in now! Only 10 hours until beer time :) Good luck with your graduation running!

  •'re going to have to change your name, Rubbishrunner! It just won't do now that you're a graduate! Very well done, specially after such an awful day, it would have been sooo tempting to say "Another day! " and sink onto the couch.

    Your blog did make me chuckle, the image of the hole in your leggings and your awareness that it was growing as you continued with your graduation run! Good distraction therapy, maybe!

    Congratulations, bask in the glory.

  • Thanks, Soozz! Hope running life post-graduation is going well! Yes, it was fairly funny when I look back, just the memory of my grimace as I looked at myself in the skimpy vest showing way too much of my arms and back, but thankfully covering the hole ... just the way you want your colleagues to see you, especially given the red-faced sweating which soon accompanied it ... sadly it didn't make me run any faster ... but I can work on that in the weeks to come.

  • Fantastic, rubbishrunner - you're now RUNNER! when you've done celebrating maybe you could treat yourself to some hole-less running leggings!

  • Thank you! Still feel like a plodder, slightly speedier is my next aim ... yes, definitely time for a graduate shopping experience I feel. Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  • WOW! Well done. It doesn't matter that you took a bit longer, you made it to graduation! That is a real achievement.

  • Thank you, Rolltertoaster! Getting happier as the day goes on! Good luck with the programme :)

  • Congratulations on completing C25K. Here's to your future runs - and new leggings! ;-)

  • Thank you swanscot! Yes, although I have some other pairs, I think I still need a few more in reserve if this is how they are going to behave! Hope your running is going fabulously :)

  • Yes, as Soozz says your name is a bit of a misnomer now! Congratulations and enjoy the beer!

  • Thanks, Suki - hope your running is going well! Only about 6 and a half hours now till that well-deserved beer! :)

  • Your ID name should be awesomerunner!!! :-) Congratulations are in order! You took a crap day and turned it into a wonderful accomplishment! :-) Keep posting!

  • That's very kind, gdeann! Still basking in the glory with only a mild fuzzy head from my trip to the beer festival to celebrate ... looking forward to my postgraduate run! I notice you are almost there too, so wishing you all the best for a great graduation run! :)

  • Good for you sticking with it! and congratulations on your graduation! Nice green badge!

    That is quite the grad run - hole in tights, having to run in front of your colleagues.

    All in all a great outcome for a bad day. I hope you had fun celebrating at the beer festival!

  • Thanks, canuckgirl - and congratulations on your own graduation, hope to see your badge soon! Now it is back to the grind to try and get to that 5k! Will make it one day :)

  • Yay well done NOTSOrubbishrunnerNOW (this is your new name!!) So glad to read you've made it. I did chuckle too at your description of the circumstances of your graduation - this shows true grit and determination!! You can now treat yourself to some new leggings as you're officially a proper graduated runner with a need for swishy kit.

  • Thanks tweekala74, it was amusing, I will be back in that same gym tonight, but with hole-free leggings! Now aiming for the 5k ... looking on the bright side, I can only get faster! :) Hope your postgraduate running is going well!

  • Well done rubbishrunner-you made it! Don't change your name, or if you do just an add on-or we won't know who you are! You made me laugh with your descriptions-you and eshaz14 have made my day today :-)

  • Thanks, Pearsey! Hope the programme is going well for you! Won't be changing my name as I am a natural pessimist - but sometime in the future when I finally get to 5k in 30 minutes I might have an add-on, something to look forward to :)

  • How about wasrubbishrunner once you've reached your goal? Lol!! It will get the newbies looking at your blog if nothing else :-). Yes, going well thanks. Today I completed Run 1 of week 7. I was so surprised at the changes that have taken place since Friday when I completed week 6. I still ran for 25 minutes, but was truthfully astonished when Laura said you've just run for 20 minutes, only 5 mintues running left. I actually expostulated out loud-OMG, I can't believe it! Some bloke on the beach with his dog gave me a funny look, so I smiled and waved, Ha! Ha!

    I rain in pouring rain today-my first time. I've run in spitting rain before, but this was the real stuff, so decided to keep my running anorak on. I thought I would get too hot, but it must be made so that you don't as I was ok. I even managed to put a spurt on for the lat 1 minute. I really enjoyed it today. I left my ipod at home by mistake, so had to go back for it (I wasn't too far from home), I'm so glad I did, as I would have run for 30 minutes without company and having run for 20 without it I don't recommend it. The dogs now behave beautifully. Today 3 of them came up to me when I was warm down walking for a pat, which I don't mind at all and I said to the owners how they seemed to know I'd finished. it might be the making of me as I am terrified of dogs and the dogs seemed to be aware of this and didn't rush at me. You never know I might even become a dog lover through c5k :-).

  • Sorry to butt in but I've found that wearing a baseball cap when it's raining makes a huge difference (especially as I wear specs!) Not having the rain streaming down your face makes the run all the easier so that's my top tip for running in the rain (along with your running anorak).

  • Pearsey, the thought of your amazed exclamation made me laugh! :) Well done! You are both very brave running in the rain, I've only done it once, although I did quite enjoy it. I really seem to struggle when wearing my glasses as well! A baseball cap is a good idea, although I sweat loads so may overheat. How cute the dogs are to know when you have finished, they sound lovely, sure you will become a dog lover, or at least it will cure your phobia!

  • Oh the specs! I forgot about the specs! They gradually got so misted I couldn't see-so put them in my pocket. No-don't like to run with a baseball cap in the rain. Anyway rain is good for the hair. Looks as though it won't be raining in the morning, so out for run 2 week 7.

  • Yes, lovely day for a run, have a good one! :) and keep us posted.

  • Yes lovely! Just done run 2. Decided to keep on my anorak, as it was cold-big mistake. Ended up cutting through the car park and "running" as i opened the car door and slung my anorak inside. I did remember to lock it. At the end i ran for a little while longer to make up for it. The first 5 minutes today were dreadful! I really thought I wouldn't settle into pace and complete the 25 minutes. How wrong I was-I settled down and by the end could have kept on running. One one pesky terrier decided to run over my feet today, lol!

    Just read another blog where the writer has abandoned Laura and doing her own thing with the music. She is struggling man! I need Laura to hold my hand. Have emailed re bridge 10K+ to 25k for when we finish week 9 for myself and eshaz14, but Lora (is it our Laura???) said she didn't know what I was talking about, so sent a more specific email back. I'll post you if I here anything, otherwise stepping stones for me.Only 2 1/2 weeks to go and I Graduate-I really cannot believe that I have come this far! Truly amazing and all the guys with their tips and advice-just like wow! I have ordered my long sleeve T shirts and they're on there way for grad day. Have a good next run :-)

  • Sounds like a great run, especially given all those little things to try and put you off! And even going further, you are such a runner! :) Know what you mean about the anorak, I am so hot when I run ... sweaty after the first 3 minutes, can't wait for cold (but not wet or icy due to likelihood of comedy slips) weather to run outside. You will get to love those dogs before you finish!

    I've done it all without Laura, just times written on bits of paper! Not through willpower, just because they wouldn't play on my very cheap (and now broken) MP3! But yes, think it is the Laura on 10K+!

    The 2 1/2 weeks will go like a flash, can't believe you are organised enough to buy those shirts in advance, fantastic!

  • Yep-just want to wear the shirt and the badge as soon as I go Gold!!!! Laura I am trying to find on 10K-just hope she has done one, but from what others' say I don't thinks so. I could not have done it without Laura-so hats off to you for doing it and Graduating all on your little ownsome :-). My MP3 player is cheap-but plays alright. Only problem that I cannot solve is that when I recharge it up some of my downloads disappear altogether. have asked if anyone knows why, but no replies as yet.

  • Suffering from Dymorphia! Received my Grad T shirts today, put one on and I looked like wee Willie Winkie, running through the town, upstairs anbd downstairs in my nightgown.... lol!! Sending back and getting the small size-now that makes me feel so good! Run 3 week 7 tomorrow. How are you doing?

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