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At last, I've done it

I've finished week 9 run 3.

I can now run non stop for 30 minutes. I can't quite believe it. When I first started I couldn't even manage the 1 minute run. It's taken a long time as I've had to repeat quite a few weeks (three times for week 1) and then I did my back and couldn't run for almost a month.

My journey started in Derbyshire on a frosty afternoon along the canal in mid January and finished in Cornwall (on holiday) in glorious sunshine on a little country lane with views of the sea.

I'm slow and still need to build up to 5k. I'm working towards a 10k in September but if I have to run-walk it so what. I'm doing it.

I feel so much better. I've lost a stone (still 3 more to go), I'm in size 16 jeans and although my wobbly bits still wobble there isn't as much of them!

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Wow, congratulations! You've come such a long way already, and there is still plenty of journey ahead of you. Well done!


Well done. That's brilliant. Get that shiny badge and celebrate!!!


Wonderful ! Well done you. Happy summer running to your 10k.


Congratulations. Very well done 😊 you must be chuffed to bits

Keep running and you will lose those wobbly bits. Trust me. I know 😊

I am in Derbyshire too and will be running up and down the canal once my leg feels better


I grew up in Derbyshire! Beautiful part of the world. :-) Well done Debi, we have graduated on the same day!


Well done - it's an exciting journey. And there's more to come!


Congratulations! Another inspiring story to get me back out there when my injury is better! Enjoy being a 'proper runner' (!) and good luck with the 10K in September.


Well done! Now the fun really starts :)


Fantastic! Happy running!


Congratulations !

Great feeling innit ?

Hope you love wherever your running adventures take you from here .

Well done ! :-) xxx


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