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Wow I'm loving it :-)))

Well what can i say. I started this plan with a bit of trepidation after never having been able to run.

I've just got back from Week 5 run 2 and i can't wait to get back out. I'm loving it.

I thought i'd post in the hope to inspire anyone who's feeling low. I struggled at about week 3 but pushed on. The plan obviously works as here I am wanting more.

My husband thinks i've gone mad and to be honest so do I a little bit. Everyone on here has been a great help. Reading people's experiances and advice has helped greatly.

Good luck everyone. We can do it!

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Well done, keep the enthusiasm up, that's great :)


Well done and keep running! :-)


Exactly - you summed it up perfectly - 'Well done and keep going'! Celebrate how far you've come and keep pushing forward. Big smile. :-D


Well done! It's a great feeling when you get back, knowing you've just run more minutes than before, isn't it? I went through a de-motivated wobble earlier today and needed inspiration- now I've seen your message and also lost 1 1/2 pounds at Slimming World - now I'm so ready to run tomorrow :-) Keep going!


Briliant alliec, your motivation and enjoyment really shines through in your blog. If you're mad, you're in good company as I think most of us on here have caught the "bug" and are doing things we never thought we would! good luck with the rest of the programme and keep blogging!


Hi Alliec - d'you know, I'm noticing a slight addiction to this running lark!!! On the in between days I feel quite desperate to be running and, like you, as someone who has never run before, I'm totally amazed at the enjoyment and buzz I'm getting. I start week 5 tomorrow and I know it gets more difficult from hereon in BUT reading your post has made me smile as my husband is completely confuzzed at my new found addiction!! Let's keep on going - good luck :-)


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