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Wow - I'm inspired by so many positive blogs

Today was day 1 of week 2. Last week I didn't think I could run for 60 seconds without stopping but amazed myself by managing it. I found running for 90 seconds very hard today but stuck with it and again managed to complete the 20 minutes. I think sometimes I was walking faster than I was running!

I've been inspired reading some comments where people have changed from not believing they can run for 20 minutes to knowing they will be able to before they get to week 9. I'm at the 'not believing' stage - but looking forward to that changing.

So this is a thank you to everyone on here.

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You know I was reading this an remembering back to when I felt it hard on the 60 and 90 second runs.

You will amaze yourself over the next 9 weeks as to what you can achieve. It is a great feeling, welcome to the club.


:-) :-) This is an amazing community of caring people who are here to offer support, motivation and advice 24/7!!! You are going to love it here! Never doubt the program and it will work for you too! I went from not completing some 1 minute runs to running 30 minutes non-stop at grad time to running just shy of 40 minutes non-stop this weekend completing my first 5K! WELCOME!!!! :-) Gayle


You're right - I've only skimmed a few comments and have found such a lovely community.


Thanks Burstcouch - I'm so determined to get there!


This community is amazing, so positive and uplifting. It is without a doubt one of the nicest forums I have ever come across.

You are doing well GoldenOldy, you have already done 4 of the runs, how fabulous is that! And while you think at the moment you 'might' be able to do this, we (as a community) already know you can!! :)

Go for it and keep us posted 8-)


Hiya GoldenOldy!

Welcome to the program and this Community!

Im only in my week 2 runs but already Im seeing a difference.

Its a great community and its full of people who can associate with the pain, will power and pleasures of this running malarky!!

Keep on running - you've already made a great start, and keep posting!



Yes it's a great program! I ran 25 minutes today, non-stop. And without getting breathless. I don't believe it myself, but it's true :-) And we are a great community! Welcome Golden Oldy!


Hi GoldenOldy, for me those first 60 seconds were the worst minutes of my adult life, I thought my life was going to end, - but it didn't. I then managed 90 seconds just like you did, so well done you. It will get easier as your body gets used to what you are asking of it. Take it easy, try and relax into a comfortable stride and once the breathing gets sorted out which can take a few weeks then you will be saying just like the rest of us "I love it, love it, love it" Good luck.


Just have faith in the programme - it really works and yes, no matter how hard you find it to believe, you will be runningn for 30 minutes by the end. Every week is an achievement, but the cumulative gains are just amazing.


Thank you everyone. Just reading these comments help me to have a little more belief that I can do it.

I'm already looking forward to Friday when I can do W2R2 - (there I've also learnt the way to describe where I'm at in the programme.)

Thank you - you are all stars.


Well done GoldenOldy. Welcome to the community. I've found everyone on here to be helpful and encouraging.

I know what you mean about whether you're walking faster than you're running. I often felt like that in the beginning, and sometimes still do if I'm honest and I'm on week 5!

Good luck with the programme, hope you get as hooked as I have. :-)


Well done GoldenOldy as BurstCouch and Gayle have said - it is an amazing process going from being breathless on a 90 second run to finding yourself slogging it for 25 minutes. This is a truly wonderful and sincere community so ENJOY, Sara :-)


Welll done, it does work, I think we were all where you were once, looking back at my blogs from the last 9 weeks, I can't believe how far I've come and now looking to start on a 10K training plan. I love it, and those 30 minutes are ME time, and I'm determined to keep it that way :) Keep it going, everyone here is really helpful and funny, It's great :D


Keep it up GoldenOldy! I completely agree with all the comments above, we were all where you are once. Reading your blogs took me back to how i felt at this stage.....shattered, scared and to be honest not believing in myself either! I have also just re-read my blogs since starting the programme and it's funny looking back as you can't quite believe the change in mindset you have!!

I drew a tremendous amount of insipration from this community, there are hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful and caring people on here who have been/are going through what you are and we are all ready to listen and support you. I know i have received lots of support and i am eternally greatful!

Just run/jog at a pace that is comfortable for you and you will be fabulous! If you do have to repeat a run, so what! Don't feel downhearted, most of us do!!!!

So keep it up, you WILL do it!!!


Thank you for even more encouraging comments.

On Wednesday I was looking forward to today - now - mmmmmm - not so sure 'looking forward' to it is quite so accurate. However I'm going to do W2R2 and I'll let you all know how it goes.

I know I'll feel better afterwards than I do now.

I have to say a huge congratulations to you all - you are amazing.


I am on Week 4 but each week I have thought 'I can't do this' but then I do. Not only is it hopefully making me fitter but it's also improving my confidence because now I'm thinking 'I'll have a go' not only with the running but also with gym and Pilates. This supportive community definitely helps as so many people have done it before and shared, not only their triumphs, but also and setbacks.


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