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Running and work - do go together after all!!

I managed to get up yesterday and go for my run. I am most definitely not a morning person and getting to sleep at midnight doesn't help but I did get up and complete the run. It was hard but mainly because I wasn't really awake and so I didn't put enough effort into the warm up walk (and it was so cold). I struggled on some of the runs but I did feel good about completing it. The yoga afterwards was necessary to stretch out and not be in pain at work and I wasn't so it must be working.

I have given up drinking alcohol as well as I am in need of control over some areas of my life and it is strange to try and get to sleep without a drink.

I will perservere as I will see the results in the end.

Hope you are all doing well :)

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Good for you dragon84 - sounds like you are making a real change in your life. You should be really proud and I'm sure you will soon adjust. You will also find that getting more exercise will help you sleep, I have found that.


Thank you, I'm sure I will.


Well done, dragon! You're doing great! I really admire the way you're taking control of your life! Good luck for the rest of the programme.


Thank you Oona ;)


You are doing really well dragon. I've really cut down on alcohol too since I started this plan. The sleepiness from running is much nicer than the fuggy sleepiness from alcohol, are you finding that yet?


I am not finding yet, though working 2 -10 shifts doesn't lead to relaxation at night :)

Maybe next week


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