Week Seven Run One: tiredness and running do not go!

Good morning, dearest fellow C25Kers.

Today would be a bit of a struggle, I knew that. As often is the case on a Sunday night, after a slight change in routine with a lie-in or two, sleep wasn't easy and was a little bit restless, which made for a slightly tired me this morning. Waking up and coming to wasn't as easy as it normally was. Perhaps I should have picked a route which didn't start off by running up a big hill; that may have helped.....!

Anyway, I got out of bed, stumbled around and ate my usual pre-run breakfast. Felt a bit more wakeful after that, but not by a vast amount. Breakfast number one over, time to get ready, check Laura isn't hiding again and it's time to go. I wonder if it's possible to fall asleep whilst running; we'll soon find out!

It's cool out; fairly bright and dry. No rain, no puddles. Ah well. The warm-up walk passes quickly and before I know it, it's time to start running, so I quickly set my old friend Endomondo going, have a glug of water (quite honestly, how anyone manages to run any distance without a supply of water is beyond me, but then, I do drink vast amounts of the stuff during the day anyway) and off I go. Up the big hill. Today I take a slightly different route, just trying it out although I underestimate the distance a little so I think this route will be saved until I take on longer runs after I graduate. It's a good route but slightly longer than I need at the minute.

I can tell I'm tired as this is a bit more of a struggle; my breathing won't settle easily and it seems much of a harder push than normal, but that's okay - no-one said this would be easy. I start to take issue with the music; the actual songs, with singing, aren't bad but why the hell am I listening to what sounds like the theme tune to a dreadful 1980s sitcom?! I expect Bill Cosby in a garish jumper to leap out at me from behind a shrubbery at any moment. I can picture the headline now:


Laura does have some odd choices in music. Although today my phone is playing up more than normal and the sound is chopping in and out quite badly, although given I am, for reasons unknown, listening to Now That's What I Call Ghastly TV Theme Tunes, it's hardly a surprise.

Half way through now; the hill levelled out some time ago and things are a tiny bit easier but my breathing still isn't great and legs feel a bit heavy. Tight quads too; will have to target those with a load of stretches, like I did with my tight calves the other week. On we go and where the hell is the right turn that will loop me back; this route really is further than I thought. Ah, right, there it is, that's okay then. Not to worry.

On we go and this isn't getting easier; the little inner voice that was telling me to stop has thankfully ceased now and I push on and soon enough there's only a minute left and Laura is telling me I can up the pace if I want. Now, I've been good today and tried to avoid going too fast, although the big incline helped with that quite a bit. I do speed up a bit but not as much as on Friday. But then something very strange happens. I've sped up to a much quicker pace than I normally would run and I start to relax, breathing normalises and for the first time today I really start to enjoy it. Laura tells me to slow to a brisk walk and I obey. I look at Endomondo to see what distance I covered in the twenty-five minutes of running: 4.91KM. Less than last time but I won't worry about that; it's good enough for me today given I'm not feeling 100 percent.

A bit longer of a walk to get home, but not too much and it's time to enjoy the chocolate recovery milk which I concocted last night and left nicely cooling in the fridge. It's beyond delicious. The standing overnight really enhances it.

And that's week seven started! Quite tough but being tired didn't help; hopefully run two will be better. It WILL be better!

Happy running, everyone, and if you're resting, happy resting! :-)


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26 Replies

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  • Ah yes the week 7 musical choices that almost had me giving up. Well done on completing run 1.

  • Thanks Spoonie. :-) Yes, the music today was pretty bad; it was the sitcom music that threw me. It was unnecessary.

  • I have found W7 a bit of a pig so far, so I can sympathise, but you're a lot faster than I am. About to go out for R3 and not really all that keen...

  • Good luck with run three, Becca! Hope it goes better than the previous two runs; think positive! :-)

  • Well done MY. Your W7R1 sounded a bit like my W6R3.

    A day off work for me today so may actually run during normal waking hours. Or I may have another rest day with just a long walk with my four legged running companion.

    Oh, a given the posts above, Laura may be banished today.

    Good luck today C25Kers

  • Thanks, Runner56. :-) yes, it was definitely tough. And the music! :o Whether you run or go for a walk, I hope you enjoy it. I can't imagine what running at normal hours is like though I'll have to do it sooner or later. Happy running/walking! :-)

  • Ah yes, the wonderful w7 music! You're absolutely right, it is 1980s sit com music. Suspect it's Laura's cunning plan to hurry us all on to w8 as quickly as possible. Speaking of quickly, that was another great time AND with a massive hill at the start! Very well done M_Y, enjoy breakfast no.3

  • Cheers, AncientMum! :-) Yes, you could be right there actually: a cunning plan to ensure we progress and don't repeat week seven! It's working; no way was a stopping mid-run and having to redo it again and listen to more of that frightful music than strictly necessary! I think I'll avoid a straight-off hill start on Wednesday!

  • And the music gets worse even if she is trying to hurry us on a bit! Cheers.

  • Sounds like its going really well MY, even allowing for tiredness and hills. Well done.

  • Thank you, Ully. :-) Yeah, it's all too easy to focus on the negatives and think we could have performed better but I think in all it went well.

  • Well done Miles especially with your struggles.

    I had a rough weekend, thought I was coming down with a sore throat and not much sleep last night and seriously thought about missing a day. But I got up and went out. My stomach was acidy and I really was not in the mood but started. I just completed half a lap of the park when a friendly dog thought it would be a good idea to jump up at me and knocked me out of my stride. Struggled to get back into a rhythm.

    Did not notice the music too much today (Although I enjoyed the instrumental piece at the beginning) just concentrated on keeping going, working on my breathing and trying not to be sick and dodging the dog mess on the floor.

    Soon Laura was saying one minute left and to speed up if I could and I thought "lets give it a go!!" - it was almost a sprint, but it brought a smile to my face and then it was time to stop.

    Just 3.4km today but considering how I felt I was just pleased I managed to keep going for 25min

    All the best to you all in your respective runs

  • Well done Redskins; I thought I had problems this morning but you had far more to contend with! Sorry to hear you didn't feel great; hope you're starting to feel much better already. :-) I agree with MissW below: we did the right thing in just getting out there. I'm glad I did and I bet you are now too. :-) Sorry to hear about the run-in with the over-zealous canine!

    And we'll done on the sprint finish! Feels great doesn't it? I'll try and finish all my runs with a sprint if I can. The distance is good going; it's 25 minutes running which is great anyway but even more so given how you were feeling. Good luck for Wednesday! :-)

  • Thanks Miles. I have had issues with this dog before and tried to avoid him this morning, but now jogging around the park I get round quicker and met him at the other end!!!! Might try a different route as Laura says next time (although the park is a bit comforting knowing I'm not far from home)

    With the final minute sprint I felt my legs wanted to go faster than the rest of me (if that makes sense) but it was good to do.

    Thank you for your concern with how I am feeling. Still do not feel like eating, just managed a cup of coffee and will see how it goes.

    All the best for Wednesday

  • Hope your appetite returns before Wednesday, Redskins; running on empty is no fun at all. The dog is stalking you, the naughty thing! Are there a few roads that will loop you back to a finish at the park? I do like a change of route and I think you'd appreciate it if it gets you away from that damn dog! Hope you feel better for Wednesday and good luck for it. Oh and yes, that does make sense. I've found that legs and respiratory system are on two completely different zones; what one wants to do, the other doesn't!

  • Well done M_Y!

    It sounds like your run was as troublesome as mine, except that when you struggle, you are still about 3km/hr faster than me! I tried your recovery chocolate milk and found it exceedingly delicious, but could only find Bournville cocoa powder in the cupboard, so I shall look out for some Green & Black's when I have devoured this box! Right, I must crack on! I am behind with my dissertation, and I need to finish that before I can start looking for a job! Onwards and upwards! Have a brilliant week, and try not to allow Bill Cosby to intrude on your thoughts! :)

  • Thank you, Mousey; a big well done to you as well. Sorry you had a bit of a struggle today too. I hope Wednesday's run is kinder to you! Glad you liked the chocolate recovery milk too; the G&B powder is really tasty though can be a touch bitter. I added a very small amount of demerara sugar to mine for this morning, just a touch and it really enhanced it. It's now my recovery drink of choice!

    Good luck with your dissertation; hope you get it completed in a timely manner - and good luck for Wednesday! :-)

  • I think the message is to get out there, even when you feel like crud. You feel much better once you've got out into the fresh air and got into your stride. You always feel glad that you did it. Another one ticked off!

  • Totally agree, MissW; I do feel better for getting out there and getting it done. It always goes quickly anyway and it's best to get it done and out of the way. :-) Hopefully run two will go much better!

  • Well done on getting out there and doing this run when you didn't feel like it. I always feel better for getting a run behind me when I feel like staying in! Well done on your time for almost 5K - you're going to be one of those very rare people who will achieve the 5K in 30 minutes by/before the end of the programme. Still, you've put the effort in. I'm not even going to try your chocolate recovery drink - I know what happened with the last recipe! Still, am pleased to report I have now run out of both rice cakes and peanut butter and shall not buy any more - thus conquering the addiction. That's the problem of reading posts by an eloquent, gourmet runner - it creates gourmet addiction in the rest of us! Good luck with the next run and best wishes - you deserve your success.

  • Thank you very much, Fitmo! *blush* I must say, I am trying not to talk about food as much as I seem to get people here addicted to things! I just got a book called "Go Faster Foods" aimed at runners, cyclists, swimmers and so on and there's some really great-looking recipes in there but I'll try not to go on too much about them! The peanut butter is so addictive. I'm on low fat everything else so that helps with my good fat intake. My apologies for getting you addicted! And thank you again; I am naturally quite quick-paced, even when walking. Never really paid much attention to it but have been recently and in town on Saturday while shopping I really noticed that I zoom everywhere when walking so I really need to watch my running speed so that I don't injure/unduly tire myself out! Gourmet Runner: I really like that phrase! If ever I write a book, I may have to borrow that phrase for the title! :D

  • And I shall charge the most handsome Royalties for use of same! LOL. Cheers.

  • Kitty! :-) That's great going; I did wonder how you got on with Saturday's run! Sounds like it went well and given that you had to slow riiiiight down, that is really great going, well done! :-)

  • Yay Miles ! You did it, well done ! I ran yesterday after a really bad nights sleep the night before and I did feel a bit " shall I go or leave it " Anyway I went and did it , and felt better. I suppose we have good runs and not so good runs , but we are out there and its another step to graduation. Enjoy your next run and best wishes to you :-) xxx

  • Thank you, Poppy! :-) I'm glad to hear you managed okay after a bad night's sleep. You really are so right; under those circumstances it is better to just get out there and get it done: one step closer to graduation, like you say, and the run is out of the way then. I hope you sleep better tonight and that your next run is great; good luck for it! xxx

  • I thought I was the only person who did 'headlines' - I have at least 1 a day! Sounds like you did just fine on run 1 week 7 mr miles and you should be vvvvery proud. Great post and enjoy run 2!

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